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Hey @bjorn, @Stephen and anyone else who can help. Got my grobo today. It came a bit f’d up from fedex. Took an unboxing vid but can’t upload. Also a bit of a prob with my WiFi right now which tech is working on. When do you know when your grobo is connected to WiFi? Lots of blinking blue and amber light, but no confirmation. Probably due to WiFi not set properly, but should be fixed soon. Is there a number for support, or maybe FaceTime or something?

Hi rouleauj,

Just catching up after vacation last week, are you in contact with support@grobo.io? Have you been able to connect yet? We can help get you up and running if you are still offline.


Yeah brother, connected and have the WW x BB going now. She already popped as I soaked the bean before inserting into coco pod. Everything is good thus far, I’m just worried about light leak and most importantly smell. I uploaded my unboxing vid and linked it in the forum. My concern is the door is bowed significantly and the fluid glass is also loose (I can move it with my finger from inside. Also nothing is really square. Temp and humidity are spot on, reading at the moment 47% humidity and 86 degrees. Please don’t forget to get me on the white widow x big bud recipe. I chose the ww hybrid recipe. Thanks for checking in. We will have to wait for flowering to truly know if I’ll need a new door. Welcome back.

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I can ph it myself if need be. I was discussing earlier with @Azuri how I thought data transparency would be a good idea, especially for the new grower. Which I still stand by, but after a toke and upon further consideration, I realized the only real “hack” is to go off line and dispense the nutes and ph myself. We as growers have the necessary tools to do so, which would pose no problem to grobo in general, but the discussion was about another iteration of grobo that gives users more autonomy. Subscription based would work out well. Also a remote drain and fill option where you can put one hose in a full 10 gallon bucket and one in an empty one and boom at least two drain and fills with some top off. I have ideas as Long as the day is. If y’all want to hear em I can let em loose


Yeah, then after thinking again, I realized all the other functions would be off unless handed to the user. Seems to me you already have your hands full. How are you going to keep up with things when there thousands of units online? Either you will need to hire loads of new horticulturalist or turn over autonomy to advanced growers and go to a subscription based situation where known horticulturalist can be hired on a consultant basis for questions and concerns etc.

We need to keep this thread going!!!

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I agree with many of your taking points. From what I can see the Grobo team is open to constructive ideas and critism.

Future Grobo designs should go to the next level. You can stuff a lot of technologies into these units but it all comes at a price to the consumer. If the current pricing were to escalate I would move completely away from this type of product for several reasons.

Excellent question

I stood by that point too and have been vocal for growers to see the data since I surfaced here but I stand by my point the current model is designed for growers who want a plug and play experience.

The fix for it is a basic UI and advance view UI. I’m pretty sure something is coming soonish as per hints by Grobo Guys.

This is how the best ideas come about!


You know what??? “I love the way you think “ another movie quote but seriously I do! Let’s keep the bomb ideas flowin