9lb Hammer

jinxproof and mrs rose seem like a solid couple with good vibes

You don’t order from his site you have to contact mrs rose and she sends all the info and you choose from there

They do offer online ordering now, I ordered here:



I got them at on his website. Very great service and fast shipping he always answers any question on insta or via email.

Usually comes with a free pack or 2.

Best deals during holidays.

Just so everyone knows I ran 6 seeds 3 9lb hammer and 3 Watermelon Mama. So far 5 female 1 male. Biggest 9lb hammer happenEd to be male lol. Just my luck but still good ratio.

jinxproofsdankbank . net


Awesome I ordered a couple packs. Very good intel :facepunch:.

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I ordered some fem autos from elsewhere…hopefully they’re true 9# :hammer:

Just got these today. Definitely going to be my next grow!
image image


Is that coastalgentics.com?

I got them from Pacific.

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You just made my 2020!!! 9lb :hammer: is my favorite and only effective night time sleep aid bro… thanks

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You can also get them here, but @SWSVIC asked and they are reg seeds so at your own risk.

9lb Hammer - JinxproofsDankBank

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There is definitely something to be said about sticking with proper breeders for specialty genetics such as these my guys. @buzzy6 let me know what you decide on, I know you like to live in the edge with genetics :joy:

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I’m not bagging on jinx, just couldn’t take the chance, especially now that I’m terminating my first grow. :sob:

Oh no, what did I miss??


Yep :+1: worn out today…just got done flushing Kat for the second time. What do you :thinking:


Tomorrow I tackle my Grobo and address the LSD’s…retirement is a bitch!

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9lb hammer good for sleep or sleeep sleeep cause I have a lot of trouble with that also eating


Just finished curing my 9lb hammer. Definitely good for sleep. Got 1.5oz cured out of an auto.



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