72 Hours

Why does the support email bounce back tell us to allow 72 hours for weekend support. I thought they were available on Sundays?

I’m really kinda let down that I did not hear from anyone today about my nutrients - bottles 3 & 4 completely draining into my water yesterday after the weekly drain and fill. I feel like that is a pretty serious problem with the box that needs to be addressed quickly.


Sorry to hear you feel let down, Grobo is currently working out the kinks to build a better schedule and everything has not been cemented just yet.
Allgrowers champions are on duty on Sundays even if you may still need a ticket we usually can help or provide a band aid until support is back in the office!
Usually when nutrient bottles disperse incorrectly its a probe/sensor that needs recalibrating!
Or sometimes the grower is using tap water instead of Reversed Osmosis or distilled water.
If there is anything I can talk you through never hesitate to message or tag me! :eyes::seedling:


@C453Y Hold In There… :stopwatch:
The Grobo Team Does AMAZING! :100:
They’ll Take Care Of You ASAP Get You Back To Watchin Your Baby GROW!!! :seedling::palm_tree:


Would be nice if they gave the champions access to users pH and EC data.


Thanks! I am hoping that is the case!