3rd grown cream n cheese cbd. It sprouted

Just stated my 3red grow today. Cream n cheese cbd cant wait to see how it turns out.


Keep it going…so what were your first two like…are you doing anything different or think you should?..what was your yield


First grow was 33 grams. Second grow was 50 grams. I need to learn how and when to lolipop my plant better to get bigger and more Dense buds. Other then that im going to be doing the same things as my last grow topping then spreading branches out as much as I can with home made net useing the support racks.


its alive day 4 of germination. This seed has sprouted faster then my last two. Forgot to add a pic sorry lol



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i really like the wire grid, niceeeeee

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Thank you support racks from grobo. Then cut your own size twist ties.

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