3rd grow - AK x Critical Mass (Auto) - HARVESTED

DAY 93: Flowering (Day 38 /46)


DAY 98: Flowering (Day 43 /46)

The buds up front are stacking fairly well (for their size) and there’s still some new ones developing in the corner. Going to start flushing today.

Started this same strain in the other unit a few weeks ago, will start a thread for that soon.


Still looks airy and green/white! Is that normal for this strain? What are your trichomes saying? Not seeing any frost either. I am however envious of all those bud sites! Great job on that!

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It’s a bit airy, yes - but also “mini”, most of the canopy is halfway between the two fans. She went through a lot of stress so I’m mostly just happy she’s made it this far.

Trichomes are mostly cloudy and some turning amber on the front, that back corner where she’s stretched a bit further (the greenest area) is still turning cloudy. Will add pics later they look really good.

Am expecting to keep it in flush for another 14-21 days.


Here’s the trichomes:

They’re a bit out of focus, but there is a small number of amber ones visible in the middle shots. There aren’t many of them yet.


Very interesting! Im excited to see the final density! :eyes::seedling:

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DAY 106: Flush (Day 9 /24)

Defoliated a bit more, removed any I could find with more than one leaf attached so it’s just the solo leaves left.

She’s been flushing for a week (just had 2nd drain/fill sans-nutes) and is still barely sapping any nutrients. The topmost buds (latest to develop) are developing quickly.

Going to play it by eye, might be another week might be two!


DAY 111: Flush (Day 14 /24)

She’s still drinking somewhere around 1L/day, frosting up a bit more too.


Spot on, I maybe 2 weeks flush :+1::v:


DAY 118: Flush (Day 21/24)

Harvest time! :partying_face:

Some final pics before the chop:

It’s official:

Who doesn’t like a bouquet of bud?!

Weighed in at 335g total wet weight (about 50g in stems went straight into trash already):

  • I’m estimating dry will be about 1oz of bud, nearly the same in larf/popcorns, plus a decent amount of trimmings.

This was a little while past the halfway point:

And the final results:

The shine is just awesome:

A little “Loaf of Larf”:

And the trimmings:

She took more than a month longer than expected, had quite the downs and (thankfully) the subsequent ups, and still wasn’t quite ready to give up - she was a fighter.

I’d like to thank everyone here on AG who helped me to make this grow a success. :heart:

Here’s to the next one! :leafy_green: :maple_leaf:


grats on the harvest!! It looks great!


Be proud brother :joy::fire:


Love the bouquet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::heart::herb::+1:




((#Harvest)): :clap:




Here’s the final rundown for this grow.

Also, it’s :fuelpump::fire::fire::fire::fire::fuelpump:! Much stronger than expected and the ripeness is just right (maximal cloudy trichomes & minimal amber). Had thought for certain that too many would turn after taking so long but that wasn’t the case. :four_leaf_clover:


Looks fantastic!!


Wow the way this strain had so many 3 pronged fan leaves looks really crazy… almost like an exotic breed of Cannabis or something…

Is that the Ruderalis genes? Damn

This was the grow where I started to gain the upper hand over my environment and managed to beat the root rot for the first time.

There was a lot of trial and error involved throughout this grow. Sometimes there was stress caused by the problems themselves and sometimes it was stress or a side effects caused by one of my attempts to fix a problem. It was a rare and evolving combination of problems/solutions.

This post shows how rough things were for this one in the beginning: https://www.allgrowers.com/t/3rd-grow-ak-x-critical-mass-auto-harvested/3221/12?u=vegetato

Growth was stunted from a very early stage, as there was already a big bacteria blob forming near where the tap root was escaping the coco pod when it was just a seedling:

It took me approx 2 months from that point to get things under control, at least to the point that she was comfortably and consistently growing somewhat on-track.

During that time the plant flipped between veg and flower quite a bit (aka re-vegging). It threw pistils early when it was still quite tiny, then stretched, then started to flower a bit, then stretched again. Every few days to a couple weeks it’d seem to do one or the other or both. Even after things were under control, she seemed to continue in that pattern, perhaps due to the way I was treating the problem at the time – I’ve since refined my procedures and haven’t had a repeat of what happened here.

She took roughly 2 more months to flower, and would’ve continued if I didn’t stop her as every other week she was re-vegging in one area or another and making more and more (new) flowers.

There were a lot of sugar leaves that came out round instead of spiky and stretched out. Those leaves still threw out trichomes and the oil I extracted using the trim was good, but it wasn’t a normal growth characteristic – more like a stress-induced mutation. That happened in other areas with the 3-pronged too.

If I could repeat the short height and bushiness of this one I would, the result was actually really good. A potent lil’ mutant she was.


Yeah I can see, gosh…lot of issues with that girl!

That’s pretty nuts to me that some mutations occured, what a resilient plant! I asked about the ruderalis in the family because I can only imagine they have to put up with some serious stress in their natural habitat.

Where’d you get those seeds?

These were Canuk seeds from TNSB. Still have at least one left, have been thinking that I should try it again to compare how my technique has improved.

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