2nd or 3rd and 4th gen?

Hello Grobers! I have a question and was wondering if anyone can help,
My purple haze is around the corner from flowering,
Will I be able to get a second Gen out of this after the first harverst? Or is this a one time deal sort of thing?


Hey @Ravens_Whisper,

Great question! Some growers have a mantra ‘No bud before it’s time’ and will selectively harvest while keeping the plant alive. This often allows the underside and smaller buds to ripen up a bit more before pulling them. Personally, I take the whole plant down at once. But, that wasn’t your question really…

Can I cut my buds off, leave some leaves (giggle) and push the recipe back to late veg for a couple months? Yes you can! You will see some wild and crazy growth happen as the hormones flip back to vegetative growth and you will have to use your patience, like a lot. I’m not doing this for speed or yield, as starting a new grow is the best route to take, but if you just wanna play or experiment, it can be done!

Hope that helps,


Thanx for the reply there Grober!
Second question if that’s ok,
Would the second gen take just as much time to grow as the first?, and why do you say you have to have patience and lots?


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Here a quick video I found, honestly it doesn’t look worth it to me, but I experiment all the time so if you decide to, please make a post for it so we can see :wink:.


Sure you can cut some off and let it grow. That is how some do it. Then you have it year round. Not everyone cuts it down 100%, nice to cut a big bud or two and still let the rest go. Same as you do tomatoes and other things. You dont cut the entire thing down, you clip off stuff. :grinning:

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