2nd. Grow

Hey guys hope everyone is doing well so the last harvest went well really enjoyed the flavor and taste of the cookies gelato we had. This time around not too good :confused: we decided to try a grand daddy purple feminized. The grobo has been giving us so many troubles with optimum water level reading even thou its empty. It won’t fill up with the hose and draining it requires several attempts. Now this is what the seedling looks like. Is it worth it to continue cause she doesn’t look good to me.


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your latest grow.
It does look like a combination of PH and nutrient deficiencies that you have there.

Question. Did you clean your EC and PH probes as well as calibrate them before starting your new grow? Also was the reservoir thoroughly cleaned out before starting this grow? Reason I’m asking is because there could have been left over salts and nutrients from the previous grow that can impact this current one. PH probes should be cleaned regularly and calibrated prior to every grow.

As far as starting over, I personally would, however I would make sure I fix all the issues that you are currently having with the grobo before starting a new one. I would also continue to raise this seedling in a cup. Sometimes they bounce back as if nothing ever happened. And if that she does, you can find a new home for her or transplant her back into the grobo. I raised 8 seedlings who all had PH issues and were yellow, they are thriving now.



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