2nd grow same genetics - Black Widow 2.0

Day 2 of veg. Going to take my learnings from the first grow and see what happens:

Have another grow (about 1 week later start) in a Grandmas Secret Garden. Same genetics on 2 of the plants. This is going to be fun!

Grobo vs Grandmas Secret Garden vs a box I built with a friend (coming soon).


Day 8 of late veg. Grobo falling way behind. Had some heat/algae issues in Grandmas garden. And finally have my homemade box going:

Not sure what light the grobo is using, but the secret garden has a Mars Hydro 600 and the homemade box has a Parafactworks RA1000


Looking good! One thing I noticed in your grobo is that your cocopod is raised. Typically you want the top of the pod to be flush with the bottom of your unit, not raised out like that. But it appears your plant is doing well so it may be better to leave it. If you start to notice any deficiencies, lift your lid and make sure the roots are coming through properly. (That could be part of the reason for the slow grow early on too)


Thanks Chad! I had severe germination issues on the first go - lost 3 seeds to drowning. I lifted the coco and voila! Germination the way it should be. I’m not sure if it’s a structural issue, or what, but if I push the coco down, it rests in the water and is too wet. This girl germinated immediately and the coco is staying damp without being wet.

She’s starting to really liven up. I’ll update with a better pic.


Here’s the latest: have extended veg 14 days. Going to flip tomorrow:

Fan leaves on the grobo are monsters, but the girl is not nearly as robust as the girls in Grandma. Finally have the homemade box going.


Here’s an update:

Had some issues with heat at the start and had some algae I had to deal with. I can’t believe how amazing Hydroguard was for the girls in Grandmas. Grobo girl is still pretty sluggish, but looks healthy, had some issues with the roots in her too. I’ve added hydroguard on the last 2 water changes and added some Advanced Nutrients to keep the PPM near 1000.

Has anyone done a PAR reading on the grobo light?

Oh yeah. My homemade box is going. I’m really excited about this one. That’s a Skywalker and I dropped 2 Badazz OG Cheese and a Hulkberry (European Bruce Banner #3). I only had 2 of the 4 seeds I originally dropped germ. I accidently killed one of the babies because i pushed down on the top and killed her. All of the prev genetics I got from ILGM - I had about a 50% germ success (not good).


Here’s the latest: A lot of changes. Have really started to pay attention to daily PH and PPM and noticed that the grobo PH was really low and the PPMs were actually rising. Lockout. Recalibrated, changed the water and can already see the difference

The girls in Grandmas outgrew her. It’s sad. You should never outgrow Grandma. So I had to move them to my homemade box. I flipped them a week after the grobo and they’re ahead. Feeding Advanced Nutrients 3 part with Great White and Bud Candy

Lastly, I bit the bucket and got a tent. Moved My Skywalker in and planted a Hulkberry and 2 Badazz OG Cheese. I also cloned the girls that were in Grandmas and they all took.

Dropped an Automatic Auto that’s getting now and will go into Grandma



She’s’ not the biggest, but she is frooooooosty. Wow.


Getting some mixed messages with the thrichomes. The trikes on the fan leaves are quickly ambering as are the leaves right up against the buds, but the buds still seem clear and I’m only at day 50. Advice? Don’t want to start flushing too late:


Well, you’re not smoking the fan leaves, so don’t pay attention to those trichomes. The buds need to ripen up, so leave them be until they amber nicely. 30% amber is ideal.
Everything looks fantastic though!
Absolutely frosty as ALL HECK


Thank you! That’s what I was thinking, but wanted to be sure. The smell…wow. But she’s really fattening up now so I was hoping for at least a couple of weeks. I couldn’t be happier with the trichome production. She’s going to be very potent as long as I don’t screw up the flush and cure. :yum:


Flushing tomorrow:




Looks ready to go! Those trichs look like a sea :eyes::star_struck:


All done. Will see how she weighs dry. Really impressed with the smell, bud density and trichomes . Will see how she compares to grow #1, but I’m seeing obvious quality improvement.



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