24-48 hrs of dark before harvest

Does this apply to both autos & photos ?? I grow autos so most interested in effect there. Please share your experience. I’ve read a lot so please do not re-post historical posts .I want input from growers growing now…not in 2018. No offense intended…genetics have changed…I just want current input. Thanks.

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Nothings changed since 2018 for me. I do it all harvests


@Todd.grobo are your plants autos?

I’m getting ready to harvest my WWA which has grown into a beast. I topped so I have a lot of bud sites…most are fattening/stacking nicely. As I get closer to harvest I am contemplating the pro/cons of the “dark period” for my plant. I just don’t know if that grow strategy applies to autos.

Matt grows autos and he does it. Its no difference between them. Stress is known to cause them in specific periods to max whatever. Try half of it?