2020 Outdoor Grow (Ontario, Canada)

Decided to test my luck with an outdoor grow this year since we’re allowed 4 plants - I decided 3 outdoor so I can keep one in the Grobo.

First, the seeds:


2020-04-20 : Started germination with a dome at 78F

All three sprouted on 3rd day. Moved into a tent with a light after 10 days.

2020-05-09 : Off to a good start.

2020-05-17 : Growing fast in the felt pots

2020-05-21 : Nice growth

2020-06-05 : Looking sad, starving, outgrown the small felt pots. Still too cold outside

2020-06-10: Transplant to 20gal felt pots, trimmed off lots of dead leaves, maybe started too early or should have brought them out earlier, not sure, was cold though.

2020-06-25: Recovering well from transplant

2020-06-30: Beer can for scale

2020-08-02: Lots of growth through July. Didn’t take many pictures in July.

2020-08-16: Nice trunks

2020-08-27: No room for these monsters

The closest one in the last pic fell in the pool during some wind - the whole top half snapped off trying to get it out of the pool. The bottom half is recovering just fine now. One of the other ones split the two main top branches for the two main colas in another different wind storm, that one I duct taped successfully back together and its doing fine. They’ve also been blown down a few times now they’re so top heavy so I tied them to the fence, it’s a big obstacle course now. The one that fell in the pool was the THC bomb i think, based on the size of the buds on whats left of it. The cluster bomb is going to finish first, and seems like the zkittlez will finish last.

I’ll add a few september pics soonish


Late June - July just gave a bit of Botanicare Pure Blend Pro.

Mid July started Fox Farm schedule for canada soil grows, pretty much winging it as far as what week I think I’m in.

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Aug 29: broken THC Bomb

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Sept 16: m’ladies

Sept 17: some bud shots


This is the soil i used - I wanted the fox farm soil but my place was out of it at the time. This stuff worked well I thought. Plants went for a while before really asking for food


God damn those plants are looking HUGE :slight_smile: Good stuff!!! Flowering looks like it’s starting nicely :slight_smile: I would be super excited!


How did your tent work? I had a 24” x 48” x 52” that I found lacked height so I got a Gorilla tent to replace it.

@VermontGrobo Yeah the 2x2x4 is too small in height for decent sized pot and plant and light but I am tempted to try a scrog in there with a wide shallow pot. And for pre-outdoor waiting the 48” height was fine but wouldn’t last long for a full plant

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In the end I had a fair bit of powdery mildew and bud rot so was happy enough with the surviving yield

Cluster bomb: 365g
THC bomb: 163g
Skittles: 399g

Used a machine trimmer. Would use again, happy enough with the time saved.

Next year (now this year) I’m going to use outdoor strains with good resistances to powdery mildew and bud rot.



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