2 Growroom expansion

Most people here know I have been trying to figure a way to get a good expansion. I’m remodeling my Panda :panda_face: room ditching the veg room in front.
Know I have a Autoflower room and soon my phenotype Panda :panda_face: Room is finished I’ll be kicking out 12 Autoflower’s every month and we all know how long phenotype’s take. Plus I’m saving up for 2 Growers Choice LED 420 lights for my newest tent. Made for Autoflower’s. I’m going to be doing good soon.
Then after the Bio newt’s are gone. I’m getting Gaia for sure. I think I understand how to do it better than measurements of these bottle newts.

Thanks for the information.


Gd luck :four_leaf_clover: I’m still hunting prices for that Gaia green is out of this world :earth_africa: when I do purchase will definitely post the price tag :label: :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


The USA has a Brand called Pride lands it’s pretty much the same. Worm castings the bloom veg and them other extras…
I’m going to wait for Gaia brand. Hell I have time. I’ve gallons of newt’s from General hydroponics Bio Line. But when it’s gone or not enough for any crop. Gaia will be here…


Not soon enough for me I have one :point_up:t4: in the works now recuperating ❤‍🩹 but moving along I’m thinking :thinking: :thought_balloon: 3 to 4 weeks for her so if Gaia green don’t make a big jump from now till then look :eyes: like I will have to pay :moneybag: the tag :label: they are asking for :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


20 bucks for the product 50 s&h
That’s crazy shit…
Look up Pride lands they are here in USA. It’s the same…