1st grow seed germination

Good morning Growers

I’ ve been trying to germinate my seed using coco pod, unfortunately it hasn’t worked for the past 4 days. So tried using the water towel technique for a change.

This is how it looks after 48 hours with water towels, I finally see progress.
Is it time to place it inside the coco pod though? Am I ready to go?


A broader look here


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I think it could be placed in the pod now. usually you place with the pointy end down, I can’t remember if it’s the germinated side up or down tho. Probably just check that, you’d want to put it in such a way that it doesn’t waste energy growing in the ‘wrong’ direction before it corrects itself.

Id pop it in before the rooting phase starts and the roots get disrupted, and use R.O. water/ sterilised water.

Make sure n have your pod prepped before.

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Yes Sabadell, you can plant it now. While wearing a vinyl glove plant your seed in the coco pod with the tap root facing down. Then tear a small piece from the side of the pod and insert it into the hole over the seed. Be sure that the coco pod cover makes contact with the top of your seed, the idea is to surround it with moisture.


@SWSVIC Hi there! So as you know I’m on my second seed attempt and did the germination in the glass water. I didn’t place the coco pod deep enough to touch the seed as you mentioned above. Would that be alright? It’s on the 6th day and I literally left it alone.

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Hey @pha720 at this point I definitely wouldn’t touch it. Let’s just cross our fingers and just hope it pops!

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