11/14 into late transition

Should I extend late transition or nah. Via the alert that came with my last water change. Said I should be seeing white hairs in this phase or am I missing something


What kind of plant is it? Autoflower or photoperiod? I looked through your other posts but I don’t think you ever disclosed the strain or type.

I guess either way, NO to extension of Transition:

  • If it’s an auto, you’re already in Transition and it will do it’s own thing regardless, so extending Transition wouldn’t do much, best to let it go into Flower

  • If it’s a photoperiod, you’ve already been in the 12/12 light cycle for almost two weeks now, don’t extend transition and let it go to Flower stage! Extend Flower stage if necessary.

The notifications on your Grobo can be really out of time with the actual grow. Maybe some peoples’ grows follow the schedule of the recipe and notifications, but typically they don’t sync up right.

Either way, you should be seeing some pistils soon if it’s a female. Keep an eye out! You will be able to see caylxes forming before the white hairs if you look close enough:

Sometimes plants need a certain amount of maturity before they will even flower, so it could be that your plant is just working on getting to that stage. Depending on the grow conditions, the Grobo recipe could be too fast for the way the plant is growing.


Its a Do-si-dos strain and so a female seed i got offline along with a few others





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