10 week strain

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So question about my girlscout cookie extreme strain and in general. I’ve always done the general hydroponic recirculating schedule and been growing for about a year now and I just want to verify if I’m correct about strain weeks.
If I have my 10 week strain and I just transitioned into flower and there are 8 weeks in the flower cycle in general hydroponic I just have to figure out depending on the strain in which week to put those extra 2 weeks. If I want them to stretch more than I should add the extra weeks early on. If I wanted to get through the stretch fast then I would just add those extra weeks to more the end of the flowering cycle so it works more on developing buds instead of the stretch? If I’m right I’m debating whether to go with the middle weeks instead of towards the end. Towards the end is more bud growth but the middle of flowering your getting a little more of everything and I’m wondering which option is better? So just wondering your thoughts. BTW I just upgraded to a 4x4 tent from a 3x3 and bought another viparspectra 600w led so now I have 2. I’ve also made my own trellis for smaller holes so I can scrog properly. I find it hard to scrog right with big holes so mine are 2in wide. So I wonder what kind of results I’ll get :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I always seem to get just around 4 ounces and I’m sure hoping that scroging right and more light help out. I also went with ILGM seeds and so far really nice. I went through MSNL before I think I got crap seeds as well as lack of experience. Well enough said, here is a pic of the girls now (Bertha and Althea).

Last thing. I usually wait 2 weeks into flowering to lollipop but I’ve seen people say wait 3? Is there that much of a difference?



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