10 Days into new grow and no fans yet?

Hi there .
Your new updates to shut off the fans during the sprouting process has done a great job. But when will my fans come back on?
I assume the fans are now set by the type of seed. If that’s so why not let us know what the cycle of each type will be? 10 Days in the middle of the desert in 95 degree heat it’s getting a little warm inside my little box.

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Hi Seahawkpi,

Great question. The fans are off for the first 10 days to help increase the temp in the unit, not dry out the coco pod and help germination rates. After 10 days your bottom fan will activate, helping your young seedlings transpiration. You will see the top fan join the fun after 24 days.



Well it’s day 11 still no fans.
Also the drain fill notice won’t go off? I drained and filled it twice and it won’t go out.
This is not as much fun anymore.

Hi Seahawkpi,

Please contact support@grobo.io to report the fan issue. In the first 10 days you will need to fill once and drain and fill once. You should be able to tap on the notification and be brought to the appropriate action (fill or drain then fill). Once the action is completed, the notification will disappear. The drain/fill notification is sent every 7 days. If this isn’t happening, please add this to your support ticket.



I also received a drain / fill notice on day 11 of my first grow. When I attempted to complete the steps, the unit was “frozen” and would not respond to either drain or fill commands from the app. I power cycled the unit and it started responding after the power cycle.

Is a drain fill required every 11 days or only in the first 11 days? It caught me by surprise as we were out of town, and I adjusted our plans to come back and complete the steps the next day (day 12). BTW- I use only distilled water to try and give the machine the best chance of maintaining proper ph and nutrient values.

I also wanted to ask if a small water container can be kept in the cabinet with the fill pipe inserted, allowing water to be added if I am away when a fill request appears.

Last question- why wasn’t a small web cam used to allow for monitoring of growth on demand?

Thank you

Hi @scsouthern,

Yes - a full drain and fill is required every few days. The number of days between cycling the water through your system will depend on the stage. In the later stages of grow you’ll get a notification every 7 days to do this. This ensures that the plants get the freshest, most nutritious water when they need it. Btw, if your unit continues to have drain/fill issues please reach out to support@grobo.io and we’ll get you squared away

I wouldn’t recommend leaving the fill hose in another bucket as water will ‘flow’ in the direction in which has less water while the pump is not engaged. This means that if the tank you’re filling from is at a lower level than your grow tank, the water will flow back out from the grow tank to your fill tank which you don’t want

The camera is something we decided not to go with in our first product due to networking complications within the device. Thanks for your feedback on this, we will consider this feature for future products




Just started day 11 with no fans working either. What should I do no?

hi @Binky if you shoot an message over to support@grobo.ca with your unit name and the email you have registered to the software with we can take a closer look!


@Binky I usually have to unplug and everything gets to working… also I believe it has something to do with notification time… I reached Day 11 and no fans but during my notification time it came on same with day 24