Zkittlez Autoflower

Hey @dasickle,

Yup, you’ve got it now. Once you are ready to transplant (I’m pushing 2 months in testing, more deets to follow in a video) you can select Transplant to move the little one to your Premium/Solid unit.



Great. Just got my little buddy into a pod and into the Grobo Start, added the nutrients and turned it on. Will start a new post on the progress with pics.


Btw. I just checked my app and I do not see this screen. I see the option for transplant but not what you see on the screen. It is a bit confusing in the manual about the app. The instructions talk about how the app is great but in the fine print it says ‘this device does not connect to wifi or to the app’.

Am I to assume that Grobo Plus is a completely disconnected device, meaning water change notifications and growth progress notifications are not available like on the regular Grobo via the app so you need to keep a manual log? Also, how will my Grobo Premium know at what stage the transplant is when I put it in?


I have the same concern, thank goodness some comments are helpful

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