Yellow spots on leaves

Not sure the plastic tubing will create enough transference of temperature since it is an insulator but it is a small reservoir so it may just work.


Well, looks like I’m set for now, temp was about 22, and it only took 15mn for the 2c drop


If it can keep 19 degrees then it is fine but must stay at or under 20 or it’s not worth it. :+1:t2:


Hey @Arn,

Agree that you need more time so extending your stage is a good idea. Not sure about copper in the water, we drain/fill weekly so don’t think much will build up on the metal. You can always to stainless if copper is a concern.



@Stephen thanks for the anwser, I went with the same silicon base tubing that is already present in the unit so I don’t need to wory about it too much, seem to do the job for now.

not ideal since it’s more on an insulator than anything, and the chiller is probably working more than it should, but it will to the job for this grow ! Might go ss coil tubing in the tank once this banana kush get chopped.

I’ve extended the late veg, And I’m glad I did, she’s already stretching a lot more now !

The base of the stems started to bulge on sunday, and they’re now getting a really good hold on the stalk, which I’ve been told is a sign of a healthy plant :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone for the help; really glad I stuck with this one !