Wi-Fi Connection [RESOLVED]

Yes, thanks for the help. I did correct the issue, I did the following:

  1. Changed SSID to something short: FBI
  2. Changed password to all lowercase 8 char.

Before my SSID was 8 characters with a mix
and password was 13 characters with a mix

But I have been connected for several days now.

Now to get someone from support to help me with my brown spots…


Hi @Spinage,

Great news, glad to hear you are online and staying online! I’m tracking your grow and am happy with the data I’m seeing. pH is steady at 6.2 up from 5.8-5.9 and EC is 0.8 which is also fine. Remove any brown spot leaves and focus on the new growth, she should catch up and start absorbing more calcium with the recent adjustments. Keep us updated with pics of your progress…