Why is my plant so small

So I have a auto flower fem northern lights growing it’s supposed to be a big Yeilder but compared to the grobo videos on YouTube I’m on day 38 and extended the late vegetation cycle because it’s just not as bushy as the video not even close I change the water every time it says to I use distilled water. Idk what Else I can do should I change the light cycle to longer or shorter or something

Send pics! We can’t really help much without them, they will speak louder than words!

If you’re on an autoflower recipe there shouldn’t be a late vegetation as far as I know… are you sure you picked the right recipe? Shouldn’t actually affect too much since you haven’t switched light schedules regardless.

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I’ve trimmed it only the big sun leaves and topped it when the video said to and it split into two new branches like it should but is just small lol

Well it’s hard to say, and you can’t compare one grow to another because everyone’s environment is different.

However, you should know that topping an autoflower plant is hardly ever recommended. Sometimes it can work, but a lot of times it severely stunts the growth of the plant overall. Topping is mostly done on photoperiod plants that can be extended indefinitely in vegetation stage to recover from any damage. Defoliation is also widely disputed but most say “NO” for auto flowers. I personally have defoliated my autoflower plant and she was just fine imo. I wish it would have stunted her honestly because it got too big for my Grobo and I had to remove the plant before I was able to let it bud up properly.

Things that could also play a factor: I notice your temp is 68F … and lights are on inside there. That’s pretty low to be honest, if that is a regular thing then she is probably cold overall. Your other plants look pretty healthy though at the moment, but no telling how old they are or how slow they’ve been growing without more details.

If it’s 68F during lights on, I can only imagine that the lights off temperature is a decent amount below that. My lights on temp is usually 75-77 and it drops to 68 at night; i keep my house heated to 70 or sometimes slightly above to achieve these temperatures


Ok that was very helpful yes it is cold in that area in general I will fix that for sure the smaller pants are only about two weeks behind but are in self watering soil pots and have been trimmed a bit to so all of that might be effecting the growth I wish they were getting to big for the box lol. I won’t trim any of them anymore and raise the temperature and hopefully that will make a huge difference. Thank you I’ll post again in a couple weeks with results

Do you have plans for the plants outside the Grobo? There’s definitely not enough room for 1 plant let alone 4?


no not really lol I thought the box was a little bigger to be honest. In the future I will be buying a bigger one in general but there so expensive. I was just going to let them be little little extra buds at the bottom or whatever I can get from them. Idk I was winging it. Any suggestions

3 plants will destroy all 3 grows once they mature, I am sure you can keep them in there for a while until they get big. I couldn’t even fit one plant into the box :sweat_smile:


Dam that’s a sad story and thing to hear lol I’ll have to let them go then :unamused:

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