Why do my trichomes look like this?

Super silver haze day 35 of 42 in flower.
Why do these tricomes have so many cloudy and amber but my buds look so little. Are they really going to gain that much in a week? It did get nute burn a couple weeks ago. Can this cause the tricomes to do this?


I’m actually guessing lighting or lense is making it look more cloudy. Your pistils are pretty white still. Have you been keeping doing regular drain/fills with fills in between? And if so, do you keep track of your nutrient dispenses? It almost looks like its been in flush for a couple days. Are you using distilled or RO water? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to help give a most possible explanation.


Yes on the drain and fill and fills between. Definitely getting nutes, I check the pH and ppm regularly. RO water, I also use calmag and hydroguard. This is not my first grow in the grobo but I’ve never got nute burn before either, so that is the only thing I can think of that might be making it look that way. I thought about the lens thing too and my buddy andd I looked in multiple spots and there are definitely more amber and cloudy than I’m use to seeing at this point. They would all normally still be clear. There hard to see in these pics but if you zoom in you can see the amber or what I think is amber trichomes unless that’s something from a nute burn?


Personally doesn’t look like nute burn to me. Looks like normal flowering where it starts pulling nutes from the leaves. Thats why I thought maybe it didn’t get a dose of nutes or maybe the ppm was off and it caused a nute block. Its hard to to say but if they are really that dark already, id switch to flush and drain/fill. Maybe someone else can weigh in on what happened, its above my pay grade :joy:


Got this from another forum from someone, kinda makes sense… What you think?
“There will be many more calyx that grow as she fattens up. As they spit out more calyx they will start out clear and turn cloudy and repeat. Once all the pistils have receded tells you that it’s done building calyx and you want those outers to be cloudy/amber.”


Looking at your pics the trichomes look clear and personally they dont belong anywhere near a flush stage!
Your buds have just started to form and then will need to bulk up!
Question: was there a reason you added calmag?
The Grobo nutes already come with cal-mag. :eyes::seedling:


Ya I knew from just the size and color of the buds she was no where close. I’ve just never seen that many cloudy and amber colors at this stage and wondered if it had anything to do with the nute burn. I haven’t used the grobo nutes for my last 3 grows. It’s been advanced nutrients pH perfect micro, grow, bloom as base, hydroguard, calmag, voodoo juice, bud candy as needed, and next run I would like to add in overdrive at the end. AN adjusts ph automatically but I still keep the bottles 1 and 2 full so it adjusts if needed, which very rarely dispenses anything from them. I pushed this one a little hard so I could see what’s it’s limits where so I would know what to feed the 6 clones I took from her in late veg. That’s where the nutes burn came into play, I pushed a little to hard… Oops



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