Why did you choose Grobo?

Hey my name is Kenzie I’m the Marketing lead here at Grobo. I’m trying to get a little more information as to why you decided to get Grobo. I would very much appreciate it if you can answer these questions for me.

  1. Why did you choose Grobo?
  2. How did you first find Grobo and what made you finally decide to get a Grobo?
  3. What improvements would you like to see in the Grobo?

Your help is very much appreciated!

  1. What made me buy grobo was the idea of automatic growing that was discrete and elegant.

  2. I actually heard about grobo through an app called Flipboard which scours the internet for news based on what I tell the app I like.

  3. I would like to see the parts be able to come out the grobo for easier cleaning. I’m tall so getting on my knees is a bit of a hassle. Also a revamp of the app it’s very bland. Users to be able to see the data you see even if we cant change it yet. Make the grobo out of better quality materials. My rubber around the door is coming off. Different color options I would’ve liked to see my grobo in black. Quiet the grobo down. Options for additives … ummm make it be able to grow more than one plant. Option to use more than just a cocopod especially for the clone update. I’m sure the clones we will receive won’t come in coco pods all the time. Better opaque glass. Maybe ac/heater option for premium grobo to control temp inside and humidty. I want to be able to see details on the grow recipes like when my fans turn on when it will dose. Real time stats. Less redundant notifications. Also notifications when the temp, humdidity and other factors are at dangerous levels. For 2 grand I don’t think any of us should be buying Rh meters to see what you guys see. Also option to use our own nutrients. Maybe a soil option in future grobos, I don’t really know how that would work but it would be cool. Also make the lid out of a
    Material that is magnetic to help with lst training. I see people getting around that but I dunno seems like it would be better if the cover was magnetic. The next grobo should have lcd screen with everything monitored being shown there and be able to drain/fill through the screen as well as controlling other aspects of the grobo.


1: I’m a strong advocate for the medical marijuana industry and am supportive of a patients “right to try.” Also, living in an urban setting, it’s not very easy to find a secluded little plot of land to call my own that would allow me to grow whatever vegetation I choose, even if there was, I’d be hard pressed to find a spot that would allow me to “plant and forget” my crops. Our sun is powerful, and our rains are vast. Those two things alone make it difficult to manage really any type of crop cultivation even if I had the time to invest my energy into it. Grobo checked off all the boxes for something as close to “Set it and forget it” as I can currently get.

2: I think I first learned of the Grobo via an Engadget article about a self sustaining grow unit. While I’m an advocate for Medical Marijuana, I’m also a tech enthusiast who loves getting the “newest” and “coolest” products before anyone else. The Grobo satiated all my needs and it was at a good price range to dive in. So, I stewed on it for a day and then pulled the trigger.

3: I’d def say your help documentation could use a little updating. I love the vids you’re producing and would love to see tons more of those. In an ideal scenario, I’d love to see a video tied to every help documentation article you have. Additionally, I think (I’m assuming you’re already doing this) but generating your help documentation based on user feedback needs to be done. I.E. How many questions have you fielded on just draining and filling alone? If my app told me that the water will never drain all the way, or fill to just a certain point, I’m sure you’d save some time in the long run as far as productivity would go. Of course other improvements you can make I’m sure you’ve heard as well. I. E. A camera on the inside, a drying rack, app improvement, more control of a recipe along with the transparency of what the recipe does, I’m sure you’ve heard it all.

One thing I’ll throw out that maybe you haven’t heard… I think it would be sick if you came out with a gun metal black version of the Grobo instead of the white. That would be cool as hell! Also, something that might be kind of nice… perhaps a little holding slot on the side of the unit. Maybe held by magnets or something, but I’m thinking it would be kinda neat to have a little something on the side of the unit to hold my additional nutrients that I have just sitting in a box waiting. Or maybe something like a little tin to put something pruning shears in. (Grobo branded pruning shears of course!). (I want 2% of the Grobo Shear profits since I came up with the idea!).


Hey Chris,

This is really good feedback. I appreciate the info on where and why you got the Grobo as well as where you’d like to see it go. I’m going to log all these ideas and share them with the hardware and software team.


Also down the road the ability to get onto 5ghz wifi

Also showing us the data might help solve a lot of your ticket issues … google is really great tool so if I was able to compare my data to my research I’d most likely be able to figure out the problem without sending a ticket. If I still have to send a ticket atleast resolution would be faster instead of having to go diagnose and wait on an email we can send the ticket in with all the stuff we’ve done to fix based on data to you guys.

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Hello. I chose grobo, frankly because it was first to ship it seemed. I like the concept, and the look. I did and continue to look at and be impressed with cloudponics unit first, then leaf second and lastly seedo. They all have components Grobo doesn’t, ie camera, ac/heater to control the temp and humidity “down to a degree” which is something all grobo users have or will fight at one time or another. And the lead and cloudponics units seem to be really well made!!

As far as improvements, well the unit is made with fairly flimsy material. Light leaks everywhere, seals are all subpar at best(not installed properly, and coming unglued. This unit absolutely needs the ability to control heat and humidity in the box to a degree. I could do without th glass, frankly it can get annoying. Rather have a camera and the ability to control the environment myself. Ability to use my own nutrients would be great. Better app with user getting absolute control if absolutely everything. Ability to create my own recipe etc.

I love the forum, and the community. Lots of great folks who love to share and learn.


@Osage basically said the same thing but yours was better :joy::joy::joy:

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@SterlingNico This is great feedback, much appreciated. I think you’ll be glad to hear we’re actually working on producing more video for our processes right now.

Yeeees! If you need any help, holler at me! (Dust off his Final Cut certifications)

I was looking to cut out the middleman on weed buying. Was just joking around with my wife said ima grow some cannabis so jumped on Google and came across some ghost box on Ebay thought hhmm interesting wonder if there is a machine that will do it for you. Ran across seedo first and cloudponics noticed was just preorder. Yall was shipping took a week from time I ordered till time I recieved it.
I agree we shouldn’t have to run out and buy ph pens when it already has one it with the machine. Should have humidity and temp sensor for display as well.
I think the fans could be bigger I feel like they are small for the purpose they are serving. Could help control temperature better with bigger fans . I’ll give a good example how a bigger fan would be better. I have a kegerator at the house a keg holder essentially. Now the fridge gets nice and cold about 32 degrees normally. I put 2 blower tower fans inside with the keg to push air up to the spout up top and keeps the lines cool not only does it cool the lines it also lowers the inside temperature of the kegerator 2 to 4 degrees and can get my beer temperature down to 28 even 27 degrees sometimes.
Heck I say make the top light even bigger could easily be 6 inches bigger.
And ability to see how much nutrients you have in each bottle without having to open it would be cool.
I’d be willing to buy another if and test out with bigger lights and fans and the other suggestions to see how much better or worse it would produce


Along with bigger fans can you guys figure how to put a screen somewhere in between the fans and outside the unit because I’m noticing that’s how most little bugs are making it in

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@Bongsmoker89 Thanks for the feedback. That’s an interesting story on how you came across the Grobo. FYI - I’m logging all of these suggestions for us to have for making future improvements.


I’ll be getting a Grobo soon. I went with Grobo because of the customizable lighting. Customers should know that their Grobo gets better over time (the Tesla of hydroponics). Over the air updates. As your company gains more data about which wavelengths at which growth stage-the plants get better.


:point_up: This guy get’s it.

Welcome to the grow op @NikSeiber!


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I chose Grobo because it is a Canadian company (big thing to me!!!)

I heard about Grobo actually as I was researching a Seedo. I would rather buy Canadian products any day of the week so it became a no braner. I’m a horticulturalist by trade so I am used to growing plants and experimenting with them outside and indoors in soil, but this is my first foray into the world of DWC hydroponics, so I like the idea that things are monitored through the app.

That being said I would like to see more hands on interface for users that want to be able to. As I understand that some people want to just “set it and forget it”, there are quite a few that want to have as much control as possible and receive as much data as possible.

Anything else really is just mirroring above comments. Love my Grobo so far (only on day 4) but am looking forward to experimenting with it for years to come.