Why buy more clones than I need?

When I first started growing my buddy told me to always buy or plant more than you need. He said to buy or make 2 to 3 times more clones than you actually need. Is this a typical rule of thumb?

I remember the 1st time I tried to grow 99 plants from seed I only ended up with about 24. After all the work of sexing was done. So the next year we started 200 seeds still only ended up with about 75 after everything was done. Is this typical?

So this time we used clones but I remembered my buddy’s advice to alway make more than we need. We made 300 cuttings and ended up with about 150 to 175. Still we only used 99. Pulled the best 99 and had a way better experience.
Is this common practice?

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If you’re using random seeds it should be 50/50 chance of female. You had bad luck. I planted 5 random seeds 4 turned out female. One was a runt so I chopped it, I don’t have the time or space to see if she took off. The best way to avoid the time and resources spent sexing your plants I suggest going with feminized seeds.

If your clone has rooted and looked after you should have 100% success rate. I’m not sure why you had such a low success rate with rooted clones.

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We used seeds from a few local farmers and ordered online from attitudes as well as a mix of breeder seeds.
Not just random seeds. 75% to 80% of the seeds popped but after sexing we had a lot of males and a few stragglers. All 75 came out great some gave us 3lb plants.

We had great results from the clones. Out of 300 a little over 200 rooted and out of the 200 only 175 survived transplanting and hardening off to the sun. Had about 25 strugglers still we only used the best 99 for outdoors. Harding off to the sun was the learning curve.

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Hey @Pyrock1

Random seeds was not the best choice of words, I also use the word bagseed too. What I meant was “unknown” sex type seed. Regardless of the source the rate should be on average 50/50 male/female ratio.

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Why buy clones at all when you can make them yourself, and be ensured females every time?? :man_shrugging: