White spots on leaves

Hey Growers, should I be worried about those white spots? I’m 41 days into flowering of a Hash Plant. Temperatures are in range. I had an issue for few weeks. The Grobo was not giving nutrients to the plant. Those spots are mainly on few fan leaves at the top of the plant. No where else. Thank you in advance


Plant leaves do not repair damage ever typically. If you had a previous issue and those appeared at that time, you can cut them off like you did once 50% or more is dead. As your plant gets further into flowering she will take any additional nutrients she wants from her leaves and they will start to die off during this time. This is normal and part of the process when we flush where you really notice this. She’s looking very nice in the photos! good job.
Your new leaf growth or what was new does not show the same spotting so that’s how we know she is happy again! NYK!


Thank you Todd! As always you guys are always on top! I don’t know how we could do it without you guys! Great machine and fantastic customer service :clap: :ok_hand: I thought it could be pests but now I’m feeling much more relax! :wink: