Where to cut?

Can I take the bottom 2 branches (lollipop) and use for clones??? Day 30 late veg, super silver haze, not autoflower. Or is that to much, if so where should I prune at/what should I take off. I understand the open up underneath bud sites but which ones, how many and how much and what part??? Only second grow and the first one I had to end up doing serious bending/training because it got way to tall!!! I’m trying to start training early.
Can take more pics if need to. Thanks for any help!!


Can someone please help?

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Yes I would do as you are saying and take the bottom 2 branches (you may also wish to take the branches above them too down the road as your plant continues its growth and decides which branches its going to take to the top of the canopy), cut them about 1/4 inch from the main stem of the plant and drop them directly into a cup of water. Then trim the cuttings completely up to the top 2 nodes (on each cutting) and place them in a well lit area. Within a couple weeks or so you will see an established set of roots at which point you can go ahead and plant them in whichever growth medium you desire.


Thanks for the reply! I have a clone box with the blue light and clone X to dip them in to help with the root growth. Do you think I can get 4 clones from those 2 branches? I have a four 5 gallon bucket DWC system that I’m trying to fill off this girl!


You certainly can if you take the bottom 4 branches. I would not recommend taking them at the same time however, 1 week apart will most likely be sufficient just be sure she has recovered and is showing continued growth after taking the bottom two.


Can you safely extend the vegetation stage to get more clones and then send it into flower? How many time could I do this, as many times as the size of it’s growth will allow before it’s to big for the box?
I really appreciate you taking the time to help me!!

  • @zacuriah,

  • (Yes You Can As Long As You Plan On Sending The [MotherPlant] Into Flower You Need To Stop Trimming Her For [Clone-Clippings] By The Time She Is To The Bottom Of The Second Fan): (In Which You Will Send Her Into Transition):

  • (If She Is An [Auto {Lights=18.On/6.Off} ThroughOut The Entire Grow] Plant Then It Is Not Recommended On Topping Or Pruning Heavily An [Auto] Plant For It Will Transition WithOut Transitional Lighting):):

  • (#Auto): {Search :mag:}:

  • (A [Photoperiod {Lights=20.On/4.Off} In {Germ/&BothVegs.} -And- {Lights=12.On/12.Off} In {Trans/Flower} Periods] ):


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She is doing great just trimmed her up today. Ending up taking a total of 14 clones for myself and friends. My clones are doing great. I hope everything stay the way it going!! Everything is being feed manually with advanced nutrients micro, bloom and grow with hydroguard. Voodoo juice, overdrive and bud candy will/have also been used. Clones are under 2 mars hydro ts1000 turned all the way down at the moment.

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