What's wrong with my plant

Anyone can spot what’s the problem with this plant one of the leaves just turned soft and looks like it’s dead. Then on other leaves has little brownish yellow spots.


Its always best to have a view of the entire plant to access the damage.
Lower leaves actually do all the hardest work while acclamating to its environment so whatever problems you may start out with will be on the lower leaves.
When you have new growth and it looks healthy you can assume that your plant did its job of adjusting to the environment. Watch for new signs before worrying and you can clip away the dead leaves they will not get better and have used up all their energy to help the plant.
If you have a fan blowing on this plant move it back or turn in down so it doesn’t dry your plant out.

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yeah i didnt see that on that site. Or on my saved photo. I think it was a spike from coming off nutes onto the plant. Went for specific nutrients first.

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