What Strain to Grow Next?

Growerz, WAZUP!!

Hope everyone is during these crazy times!!

Got a question… I’m looming for suggestions on what strain to grow next? I’d like as much yield as possible, high THC and great tasting!

Please share your suggestions!!!

Thank you all!!!


THC Bomb by Bomb Seeds. It has 20-25% THC


Anything from Bloom Seed Co, WyEast, Relentless Genetics, or Surfr. Check out Neptune Seed Bank, Harvest Mutual, or Speakeasy Seed Bank and get you some elite shit. Growing one plant at a time, may as well max out on genetics.


Hands down for Taste and THC / Yield

Indica dominant


Sativa Dominant

Tangerine Cookies tests out at 28.87% THC-A.


An old topic, but something I was thinking about now?

I can’t decide on my next 2 grows. When the Grobo 2 comes, I have a choice of 4 seeds that I have never tried before. I am “sort of” thinking 1 and 3 right now.

1 - female Do Si Dos - shortish busy and supposed to be super
2 - female Skunk #1 - can grow very tall
3 - auto Wedding Cheesecake. - short busy can get big yields
4- auto Purple Haze

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I would say go for Gelato or Ghost OG

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