What should I do to my plant if it’s touching the ceiling to my grobo also what to do with whatever received light burn?

My plant has reach the ceiling in my grobo and I don’t know what to do. my tallest branch has received light burn as well what should I do with it?

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Cut it off. Bad news to keep it


Ok likeTodd Said …trim not good but what choice do you have.,:slightly_frowning_face:

But this grow is a perfect learning moment for all Even though you had to loose a Bud. …
I have never grown in Grobo just tents and out doors . But you have to think about your grow environment when choosing Seed, Strain , grow size , top or not to top. , pot size , yields , hybrid, Sativa , Indica,
Trust me I have over grown and under grown space .

I am constantly learning…Good luck Brother!


Is there a certain way I should cut it off?

Cut it at the next node down, leave a quarter inch nub. Be careful not to disturb the bud site when you cut.



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[ https://www.allgrowers.com/search?q=tootall%20%20user%3Asilvergrobo ]



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