What should I do if I will be away for 2 weeks during grow

what should I do if I will be away for 2 weeks during grow? I t would be about 5 weeks in?

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Have a friend come fill it if not you dont really have options. The water will be fine and nuts might get low. I’d be more concerned with your plant drinking all water ( depending on where it is)


This is a good question. Are you able to have the ability to drain and fill remotely? I imagine the app would let you do this, but not sure.

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You would still need someone to physically move the hose from bucket to tank… but that would be neat if it was on a robotic arm(future grobo feature!) lol.

I say either have someone pop by the house just to do top ups, or if you teach them how to start, get them to do a drain and fill.

While the command is available from remote locations, it’s not recommended to do remote fills. I wouldn’t recommend leaving your unit alone in the germination stage - once its first tap roots are in the water basin that’s a better time to leave it alone for a bit, though, obviously, still not recommended