What happened to Grobo Support? [RESOLVED]

Maybe someone here can help, i am worried that my plant is being forced to transition to flower too soon!

Last week my box went into transition before the plant grew past the first fan. I sent it back to late veg.
But the light hours never went back, they are still on a 12 hour cycle.

I wrote up a ticket to support and have still not received a reply of any sort! After days hearing nothing I looked up the phone number, its now gone. You can no longer call direct.

Did you go to this link and submit a ticket as I heard back in only hours the other day. @Todd.grobo

I used that link and it says I do not have any open tickets. I am going to re-submit a new one.

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I had that happen too. I submitted something and no one could see it. I had to put it in again.

Thanks for letting me know. I will advise the team!



Second try worked, I have a ticket open now.

Thanks again!