What are you medicating today?

Hey everyone don’t know if this post is meant for this forum but I always wonder what you guys are medicating with right now I’m rolling up some sister cookies and she is def a 4 tokes put it down Medicine lol

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Great topic @chris_barfield!

My dispensary had a sale on this bud so I picked up on OZ of MK Ultra.


Probably my 2nd favorite


Currently got ak, orange kush, bubba kush, gorilla glue in bud.
Watermelon kush, gelato, pineapple, jack herer and lemon haze in cartridges.


@Azuri niceeeee mk ultra is good. I like anything master kush …

@Todd.grobo I see ya with the Girl Scout cookies def top three favorite strains right after og kush

@Gatorsfn28 hare those cartridges do you feel like you get a buz … I dunno for some reason the distillate doesn’t affect me too much but then again I’m probly not getting the right ones


@Azuri boveda packs for the win

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Yeah I’m trying some sift.
Favorite is Jean’s guy.


I got some cookie and kush from my first soil grow. Growing soil and organic is pretty legit. The vape is so smooth and flavorful


@Jamminbear nice dude question on a basic level I understand the difference between organic growing and non organic … but what’s the difference that’s beyond that understanding?

I know a few growers from mass and they are all organic but the buds never smell as strong or taste super strong … I’ve seen there setups and they are fluent bio led setups which are top notch … the buds always come out looking magazine quality but don’t smoke strong … can anyone explain this to me ?