Wedding Cake - Day 69 (nice)

Here is my Wedding Cake feminized from ILGM. She’s a beast!

Should I remove some of those leaves? Currently on day 7/14 of transition. I defoliated before the switch, and the leaves really grew big and wide. I’ve heard to only remove leaves on like day 21 and 42 of flowering, but I wanted to ask cuz those leaves I have are big.


I’m no pro but I would definitely recommend removing some leaves from certain covered bud sites for better lighting and more air flow my opinion best of luck! Looks very healthy and all smiles :muscle:t3:


Depending on how she responded to any previous training (defoliation, topping), if she didn’t seem to care, you can take a couple fan leaves off a day. I did this with my last grow in the tent and opened them up pretty good over the course of a week with just a little at a time…up to you.


I would remove all the big leaves :leaves: that are blocking the rest of ur bud sites then as u said was correct on day 21 of flower :hibiscus: u go hard she looks gd by the way :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Also, keep in mind that day 21 of flower also INCLUDES the 14 days of transition. so really it’s day 7 of flower. It won’t hurt her to let her ride till day 21 but as I said, if she responded well to training methods, a couple a day and she won’t even notice. Leave one or two of the lower fan leaves on each branch as @Todd.grobo has stated, they assist with nutrient delivery to the branch.