Water Chiller Installation

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Wondering if anyone might want to share detailed instructions on how they managed to rig their water chiller to their Grobo reservoir. I just received my first Grobo today, set it up and began running some simple environment diagnostics and it had become clear that I will need a water chiller as my water temp is near 75 inside the grobo with no plant/no light, no action inside the box whatsoever. The ambient temperatures in the closet fluctuate from 72-74. I have installed a couple of fans to move air around and my water chiller should arrive by the end of the week (I’m still waiting on nutrients from Grobo and seeds from a couple different banks.) I realize this is quite a bit of preemptive effort but hey what can I say, that’s just my style :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I have attached some pics, and recommendations would be much appreciated!!





Hey Hellyes,

Thanks! I read your thread and saw that pic, doing exactly the same set up. My main concern is how to install the 1/2” inflow & outflow tubes into the reservoir. Did you cut holes in your reservoir and insert the tubes with a grommet, or is there a way to install them without drilling/cutting anything?


I like the idea of using an external pump, but resorted to a tiny 130 GPH submersible aquarium pump that sits in the reservoir behind the guard (where the water level indicators are). There are pros and cons for both. For me I didn’t want to deal with vapour locking an external pump (might need to prime) which is why I chose a submersible. Having a submersible (albeit a small one) takes up water volume and if something goes sideways, you need to take a peak under your plant to troubleshoot - Although it hasn’t happened to me yet. Flow lines run in and out thru the back of the unit and under the shelf where the coco pod resides. It’s not perfect but works for now. I know I’ll figure out another solution after harvest.



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With the last chiller I had I installed it as @Highland_Park described above - running the tubing & the wire of my submersible pump from the reservoir, down behind it, and through the small window at the back of the unit. When you put the lid back on it doesn’t sit fully flush, but there isn’t any gaps allowing light to come in.

That said, I now have the same chiller you posted which uses a slightly thicker tube so hopefully it doesn’t create any gaps.


I’m planning on doing something a little more “custom”. I’m waiting on the items to install it, will post pictures and instructions when complete.


Nice, looking forward to seeing it!

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