Water Chiller Accessories

Nice, mine should be here by Friday along with the pump. I haven’t bought hoses yet, do you know which ones you’re pairing with it yet? I was thinking of getting one with a smaller diameter since my pumps rate flow is so high (800pgh).

Which model did you order?

Still looking at pumps, really don’t want a submersible for the chiller.
Anyone out there using a water chiller who can give me advice?
I want to know will I have to run two pumps and can I use a pump for the chiller that doesn’t have to be submercible?
I mean like who will have room for the root system with all that in there!


Anybody ever use on of these to connect to there air stone?


No air pump needed, just a water pump. External pump works, just make sure it has enough power (gph). Scroll up, @HelmutVonPants posted a photo of his setup with external pump.

I went with the 1/10HP model as it’s more than enough power for Grobo’s small reservoir (it’s recommended for 10-40 gallon reservoirs).

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@Bplatinum9 I’ve got my chiller pump at floor level behind the grobo

I’ve heard some folks on here do get an extra air stone/pump. Anyone know if there’s any downside like can you have too much air bubbles? I would just naturally assume more the merrier


@HelmutVonPants you can check out @Mr.420’s grow where he specifically calls out the use of a smaller airstone as an advantage:

I personally run with 3x bubbles for redundancy/backup purposes and as a means to help avoid issues that come up in low o2 scenarios (i.e. root rot thrives there). I did have one plant grow a bit out of control but can’t really speak to the differences without more testing, that was only one out of a few grows with the same setup.


I read DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How to Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water by Tyler Baras and here’s some info on pumps (excuse the quality - these are pics of my Kindle screen :joy:)

[Edit: added this first page I missed below]


BTW, if anyone wants the free pdf of the book I mentioned above: DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water | Tyler Baras | download


Appreciate the pics, just ordered the chiller, pump, and materials to match it. :call_me_hand:

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How did you opt to insert the intake and output hoses in your reservoir? Got pics? :blush::pray:

I can get decent pics in a few weeks when I’m done this current grow

So basically you take off the back panel at the bottom near the power cord. Guide the hoses up and into the reservoir. The hose I used was pretty stiff so it was a real pain. I cut a hose-sized hole in the sensor guard (with a Dremmel cutter tool) and put the input hose in there to try and keep roots out of the input (they still get sucked up sometimes so watch out). Then the output hose I just let sit in res with the roots.

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Awesome, that would be great! Have you tried using a screen to block the roots from entering the tube?


@SWSVIC That’s a good idea. Should try that next.