I figured I’d start up a new subcat with non medical or recreational cannabis grows. This category is for anyone that has already started or is going to be growing any type of vegetable, fruit or herbs. I’m twelve days into my sweet genovese basil grow and so far so green. I just did a water change and hoping to see more progress in the next week or two. My sister planted some basil indoors in planters and she’s about a month into her grow and the basil has grow maybe a 1/4 of an inch and the leaves are already yellowing and just overall failing it seems. I couldn’t be happier with the progress up to this point. I’ll keep everyone in the loop with pictures as the grow goes on.

Out of the 3 seeds I planted and that have all sprouted from the pod, I only see one very small root so far protruding from the bottom of the pod which is maybe a 1/4 of an inch in length. Also just performed water change #2 as seen in the pictures above.


@Daniel I think your basil is winning, mine is this big now:


I had to kill off one of the three I planted as one wasn’t getting enough light, the smell though was delicious, now I really want these things to grow quick. There’s only two in there now and both have a second set of leaves theatre bigger than the first. I’m hoping the little mould residue on the top of the pod doesn’t affect them as I know a bit of mould is normal. If @Stephen or anyone could chime in, that would be awesome. Hope your plant is growing well @Chris

Side note for @bjorn, after the app update, my plant progress has yet to revert back to the proper schedule and I’m hoping this hasn’t hindered my grow much. Hopefully there’s a way to check where the plant was in the old schedule and advance the grow days to that point.

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That’s looking awesome @daniel!

You’re totally fine on the app side. Everything is running correctly but the one date is showing incorrectly in the app. @bruno has got it under control and will make the update tomorrow so that on Tuesday once the update is pushed you’ll see the right day again.

Hey guys, thought I’d chime in on the non-cannabis subcat. I brought home a recent prototype unit roughly 4 weeks ago and planted a few Basil seeds to make it easier to test at home.

I’m still pretty shocked at how fast it started to grow after the tap root reached the water. I’d say it took a week or two before I saw anything at all emerge from the pod. I did check regularly to see if the coco-pod was moist.

The leaves are currently quite sturdy and giving off a very strong aroma. Recently I’ve found myself sticking my head in my unit just to take a wiff of freshness.

PS - @Chris my Basil is bigger than yours :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello all growers,

It’s been a little bit since my last post due to an unforeseen incident that occured on the Friday of the long weekend and today or sometime within the last 24 hrs my grobo has gone dormant. My basil plant has been doing pretty well when the grobo was functional and the leaves are growing as is the plant itself. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with the grobo and get it sorted out through @bjorn or @Chris. It’s having an issue where the little indicator light is in strobe mode flashing a light blue and I tried to reconnect he grobo to my internet and now it’s cycling between the strobe and solid green with all functions off. Hoping this gets fixed ASAP as I don’t want the plant to die from being almost 40 days into the grow. Here’s some progression photos of the basil plant since last time I post.


@daniel Just replied to your email again as we debug this. It looks like everything was working correctly until this morning. Your Grobo should keep running the schedule while offline and we’ll keep working with you through email to get you back online ASAP!

That plant is looking great though. Super dense growth and tight node spacing!

@bruno totally not fair :frowning:
@Daniel hope to get you back online as soon as possible. Thankfully the Grobo saves the schedule to the device so even if it loses internet it still performs.
Here’s my Basil update (a little behind @Daniel 's at this point):


Here’s another shot today after some on and off connectivity issues that seem to sort themselves out overnight while I sleep, so I was finally able to get a water change done after 2 weeks and my girlfriend and I have already plucked a few of the bigger leaves for pasta dishes we’ve made. I’ll have to take a picture of the next dish we incorporate the basil into just to show what we use our plant for.

Also, keep up with water changes as I found a few tiny little flies in the grobo in the coco pod and zipping around the basil plant, must be due to the old stale water. I’m also looking into putting some very fine screen over the intake fan grates at the back of the unit to prevent bug infestation.


Here is a shot of my Lemon Basil at Day 12. It’s pretty surprising at how quick this guy is growing! Can’t wait to try some of these leaves in some pasta :yum:


Hi Sam,

Seems like you have a coco pod hitch hiker! You can spray it with water and try to gently remove it. Or leave it for some cool pics as it grows up. :wink:


And here’s day 49, I seem to be having a wifi issue again randomly @bjorn. The plant has been doing pretty well though through the intermittent wifi connection issues.


@daniel Your basil is looking great!

If you have any more details about the wifi issues, please send them to! We’re going to be asking that all product related issues be sent to that email so that a ticket is created and we can make sure they’re properly addressed :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Thought I’d give another quick update on my Basil grow. I’m on day 64 and the leaves are still looking and feeling healthy. The plant did have a few days where it was very low on water and I could not fill it since I was away but it bounced back immediately after I drained and filled the tank.

Overall, I think it looks healthy and I still find myself opening the door to catch a wiff :slight_smile:


That looks amazing… howwww did you get it to look so full, my plant (sweet genovese basil) sucks in comparison and I’m on day 61. What seed did you plant ?


I think I planted the same (sweet genovese basil) but I could be wrong. I just nabbed some seeds from @Stephen’s seed drawer. I mostly needed a unit at home for testing purposes and wanted anything to grow. I did plant 4-5 seeds and from what I can tell this is 4 plants growing out of the same coco pod. I did also “top” it once at 4-5 nodes as well about a month ago.


Hey guys,

I think the last time I shared an update about my Lemon Basil was at Day 12. Now I’m Day 34 of my grow and my basil literally skyrocketed in size and has become so thirsty. Overall, I think my plant looks super healthy, and it is starting to have a nice fragrant smell to it too! :yum:

@bruno I think my basil is catching up to yours :wink:



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