Using BigBud and Bud Candy

But I still let the grobo do its thing and adjust ph and add nutrients using their own grobo nutrients?

Yep :+1:

Thanx. This is exciting stuff !!!:grinning:

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But make sure you read the bottles and add the additives at the appropriate time!!! That is imperative :+1::v:

Oh and only start with half strength of what the bottle tells you


Piggy back off of @Osage since grobo team doesn’t show us ppms I would start with quarter strength becuase we have no idea what nutrients for grobo uses

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Thanks. I still have a bit of time till I try this. But I’m preparing as to not make any mistakes. I’ll keep ya posted.

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do you add the mammoth p with the other 5 bottles or did you disconnect one or more to because the mammoth is better?

UPDATE: this info will give you all you need to know about Mammoth P

Extensively tested by Colorado growers, and proven to increase growth by independent labs
Contains beneficial bacteria that act like micro bioreactors
Produces enzymes that break down locked-out phosphorus, making it available to your plants
Delivers increased levels of phosphorus, keeping internodes shorter and focusing energy on flower production
Peer-reviewed manufacturing process and product
Can be used in all media types soil, soilless (coco), passive and active hydroponic systems
Helps protect the rhizosphere, out-competing harmful pathogenic microbes
Works with any base nutrient
Doesn’t increase EC or PPM when used correctly
Has a near neutral pH
Runs clean in any system – no blockages
Fully accredited OMRI for organic use
One litre mixes into over 6000 litres of nutrient solution! A little goes along way

How Mammoth P Works:

Phosphorous is a key component needed for healthy growth in plants needed actively in all stages of the growing and blooming process. Over time, phosphorus can become locked out, but Mammoth P unlocks any phosphate that has been bound up with minerals, making it available to the plant again. This results in increased phosphorus for the plant to make use of, leading to an upsurge in every area of the plant’s life cycle, whether it’s a rooting cutting or in the full swing of bloom.

Mammoth P isn’t limited to organic growing; it also works incredibly well (if not better) in coco media. Coco has a habit of locking out phosphorous because it releases potassium and absorbs calcium. While this isn’t overly problematic, you want your plants to absorb everything they need all the time so Mammoth P is very useful in that regard for its ability to unlock what would be lost potential phosphorus.

How to use Mammoth P:

For best results, add it to your regular feeding regime TWICE a week. The bacteria last for around 7 days in your medium so twice weekly doses will keep the population thriving.


Depending on the growth phase, use between 0.16ml per litre (seedlings / rooted cuttings) and 0.26ml per litre.
In the flowering phase, increase the amounts to between 0.4ml and 1.06ml per litre. During the flush period use at a low rate of 0.26ml (2.6ml per 10 litres).

Cuttings / seedlings: 0.16m l
Veg growth: 0.16ml - 0.26ml

Flowering weeks 1 to 2 : 0.4ml
Flowering weeks 3 to 5: 0.66ml
Flowering weeks 6 to 7: 1.06ml
Flush: 0.26ml

Hydroponics / Coco

Mammoth P is effective in hydroponic systems due to the careful selection and cultivation of microbes that thrive in a hydroponic environment. Use it at 0.16ml per litre (1.6ml per 10 litres) all the way through the growing and flowering cycle. Simply add to your nutrient reservoir when you change your nutrients on a weekly basis.
Full feeding instructions can be found here.

Why add during flush?
Colin Bell (Creator) - “The microbes in Mammoth P can continue to mobilize the residual nutrients that are left in the environment during flush stages - allowing plants to naturally put on substantially more harvestable weight during the last couple of weeks - instead of water weight that will mostly be lost. Bottom line - adding Mammoth P allows for more harvestable yield (during flush period) without sacrificing quality!!”

Add it after adding your other nutrients and after pHing.

Note: if using tap water, allow to stand for at least 24 hours in sunlight. As this is a living product it has a shelf life of around 2 years before becoming less effective.



I would actually be interested in trying this out, this can be found at local hydro stores I’m assuming? Is this an additive to grobos nute system or replaces some of them?

Yes you can get at hydro store. Not to replace grobo nutes, just additives​:+1::v:


Awesome! Thanks :+1:

Man it’s… I don’t think hydro stores carry it around me I googled it and nothing came up. Amazon has it but man 70$ for a 2 oz bottle. You know how much I would roughly need for a grow @Osage ?

The littlest bottles will last you several grows. Remember you are only using most of them for a few weeks at specific times. Read the side of the bottle and divide the ml it states by four. You are looking to add a quarter strength solution to your ro water.


Okay cool. I was just reading what @Stoned had posted about it. Says can use pretty much the whole grow?

i think someone said something about adding it as early as the veg stage like 2 or 3 weeks in the grow

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Yes, that’s for mammoth p only. If you are planning on using advanced nutrients ph perfect additives, read bottle and divide by 4​:+1::v:


Any root inolcuant or any root product for that matter is expensive … gold look up house and gardens gold root stimulator and see the price

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Yeah wow… You weren’t kidding lol.

how much water goes in the Grobo? whats its max intake?

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@fuz says: It takes 2 1/2 Gallons to fill the tank…



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