Using additives | Hydroguard

Hi all

I’m reading up on Hydroguard & all seems good but its like Rocking Horse Poo Poo & not that cheap :flushed:!

Is there a uk alternative that has the same decent feedback :thinking:??

Still no show in 8/10 & getting nervous :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:roll_eyes:!..

Going to give it till Nxt Friday & av a dig & if still no show looking @ a possible replant :roll_eyes:!

Great start on my first grow :roll_eyes::flushed:

Sure I’ve done nothing wrong just a Duff Seed i guess :roll_eyes::sob:


I don’t know about alternatives, but I know if you watch the price sometimes it drops from different sellers. Not sure who your buyer options are in the UK. Also, you’re only using 1-2 tsp/week of the stuff so a bottle will last a while.

I understand getting started can be frustratingly expensive, I’m sorry.

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Ya not kiddin :roll_eyes::wink::rofl:

I was wondering how much i would be using so thanks for the heads up…& confidence boost :blush:

Its the shipping that Always kills it :roll_eyes:!..

Rant over :wink::rofl:


Well then you may as well pick up your fans, humidifier, dehumidifier, hygrometer, magnetic hooks, plant twisties, and/or anything else on the getting started list.
Here’s a link to a post with a lot of suggestions if you want to pick up a few things at a time to save on shipping if you can get things from the same seller.
By the way, hydroguard, or a root rot defense, is the only Grobo approved additive if I didn’t say that already.


After taking notes from other posts i think I’ve realised why I’ve got no show after 8/10 Germination :roll_eyes:!

I’ve had my pod pushed too far into the plate & Not Flush with the top as directed :roll_eyes::flushed:

I’ve now moved it level but its was soaking (if thats right?)

I’ll give her 1 more wk & cut into Cork for a ganda but I’m Not holding up much hope either a dud or I’ve Drowned it (if that’s possible?)

Great Start :flushed::sob::wink:

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Btw :wink:

If anyone in the UK knows of Hydroguard being sold i would much appreciate the heads up :wink:!!..

Sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t know why I didn’t try first :roll_eyes:!

Should last :wink:

Well…When I finally gat a plant too grow that is :roll_eyes:!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:wink:!


I did a microbe search on amazon UK and found you can get several alternative microbes to the bacillus in hydroguard such as Voodoo Juice (which I personally use) and Mammoth P:

There are plenty others listed there that I am not aware of but the way I see it, they all have the same function which is to protect the root zone with good bacteria and fungi


Just extended my Germination by 7 days & keep everything crossed :roll_eyes::flushed::wink:

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So you looked underneath the piece of cocopod you broke off and don’t see anything yet in there? The seed doesn’t look black does it?

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Here’s a tip, Gmann… If I was you, I would start now:

Check out Method 4/Method 5… Either the paper towel or cup of water methods.

If I was you, I would start germinating a seed now… if you don’t see any sign of life in your pod by the time the new seed germinates, switch them out. You will have a guaranteed sprout then.

If you wait too long, the seed turns black and decays/decomposes, it will be risky to use the same cocopod again. But if your seed isn’t doing anything, I would say you’re safe to re-use the same cocopod.

Good job pushing it up, it definitely needs to be flush with the lid or you’ll have problems. This actually could possibly have added to oversaturation which means less oxygen in the environment could have occured. No oxygen to the seed probably hurts it.

If I was you I would wash my hands to avoid bacteria, then give the cocopod a good pinch/squeeze under the lid to get the excess moisture off the bottom of the pod to get some more air flowing in there and start drying it out a little. Moving it up will help

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No I just managed to push the pop up level with the plate but can5 see Any Growth top or bottom :sob:!

Another 7 days & ill cut into pod but more than likely a dud or its got to wet being too low :roll_eyes:!!..


No I just managed to push the pop up level with the plate but can5 see Any Growth top or bottom :sob:!

Another 7 days & ill cut into pod but more than likely a dud or its got to wet being too low :roll_eyes:!!..

& thanks for the link :wink: I’ve just given it a quick look :blush:

If mistakes didn’t happen i spose we’d never learn :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!..
Well thats what I’m trying to tell myself :wink::rofl: