Upgrade outlets?

I wanted to upgrade a standard 3 prong outlet with this 3 prong GFCI outlet. Can I just swap it out and change it wire for wire, or is there something special I need to do? I am only trying to see if this is something simple enough I might be able to or better to call someone?


Outlets are easy to swap. Black, blue, or red will be your hot or line. White will be neutral, green will be ground. Just make sure to kill the breaker and test the outlet to make sure it’s dead before messing with wiring.

Edit: If you get lost once you open it up, feel free to send me pictures and I will give you whatever help you may need.


OK good thanks.


GFCI outlet and breakers are a pain… I wouldn’t change yours out save your Cash… The littlest problem and they trip… But that’s just me

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