Two days left for late veg

The plant is growing great two days left for a transition I am wondering if it is ready
And what steps should I take to move forward
Is it ready to go in transition and should I trim it up anymore

Bruce Banner photo (ILGM)


add 1 more week to Veg… but maybe even 2 more weeks

Around the height of the second fan make the switch.

Yes i would trim it up


How much should I remove
From what I’ve been reading I think I should remove fan leaves that are blocking bud sides so light can reach all bud sites I will do a little at a time don’t want to kill my plant


I think this will answer your question Training starts around 4 mins into the video but I think watching the whole video will help you out

Any questions after let us know


Thanks for your help I really appreciate it


Day 20 of 21 late vegetation i’ve already extended one week I am wondering if I should add another because it is not quite up to the second fan and the side branches are not catching up with the top section on the top of the plant probably because I topped the side branches after four nodes trying to create more branches adding pictures

any advice would be highly appreciated

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Definitely extend at least a week maybe even 2 depends on how she responds and grows.

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