Transition to flowering

If I got a water change on one day (let’s say a wed) and I go into flower (on Fri) should I just wait and do the water change on fri or do the water change on wed and change cycle to flower then??
Inquiring mind want to know


I would wait so that you don’t waste nutrients


Ok thank you

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This maybe a dumb question but reading some material I get confused. Is transition period part of the flowering stage?? I dont think it is just need a second d answer. I’m really waiting to the flowering stage day 14 to start using my big bud nutrients.

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Transition is part of flowering when it comes to anything outside of Grobo growing terminology. For all intents and purposes outside of that consider Transition to be weeks 1 and 2 of flower. You can use your big bud in weeks 2-4 of flower (Grobo transition week 2 - flower week 2). Use it very sparingly! I started with 1/4 strength and I believe even that may have been a little too strong (of course your experience could be different as we are growing different genetics). I would start with 1/8th strength initially and if you see no ill effects (nutrient burn) you can up it to 1/4 should you desire.

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P.s. no such thing as a dumb question my man :wink:

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@SWSVIC I just did water change this morning and today made the start of the second week can I use the 1/8 of the big bud when I get home after work??

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Yup, you can mix it into a small cup of water and inject it straight into the reservoir. You will want to continue using the same practice moving forward as additives should be administered after the grobo nutrients have been dispensed. Good luck and let me know how it goes. I am on the fence as to whether I will continue with Big Bud as it definitely burnt a few leaf tips on my GDP plant. Tomorrow is water change day, I’ll post on what I decide on my thread.

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I might add, do your best not to let it touch the roots directly when injecting. This isn’t ideal but it is the nature of the beast when growing in a Grobo (and using additives).

Tbh @SWSVIC I’m going to use it on my hidden Cin 99 I got growing it’s in early veg right now… so when its hits the transition I’m going to go 1/8 and see what it do…
But for the first grow I’m going ALL NATURAL GROBO. And the second I will start my experiment with the big bud