Time to trim?

I’m in day 7 of 14 of late vegetation, Do I need to remove these big fan leaves now or when exactly is the right time to do this? I topped it two days ago and it’s looking pretty good. I’m just not sure when exactly to perform the “lollipopping”


I would normally remove 2 to 4 myself at this time tonlet the bud sites underneath start growing up

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you could top it but if its your first grow or an auto i wouldnt recommend it

He already topped Todd :+1::+1:

Let it recover from the Top cut for a few more days before cutting anything else. Lollipopping won’t come into play until just before flipping to transition. Be thinking about your plans for training and how many tops you would like to have upon completion. The first two branch sets at the bottom most likely will not make it to the top of the canopy, thus they should be removed in the next couple weeks or so.

Using this tutorial really simplifies the entire process:


Thanks for the advice. Yeah, there’s no untopping now :slight_smile: I was wondering if that big fans at the bottom would prevent bud sites from coming up but it sounds like they won’t make it anyway and it’s going to be a while before I need be thinking about pruning leaves. So, should I just leave it alone until it’s time for flowering to start?

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I misread :slight_smile:

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I would. You’ll probably want to take the bottom 4 branches in a couple weeks give or take.

This grobo thing is the bee’s knees. I’ve never grown before which is why I looked to get this thing. I made some mistakes with my first three attempts that resulted in failure, but all from my own errors. I’ve learned a lot, thanks to everyone here for that. I’ve been reading lots and trying to figure out all the tricks of the trade. I’ve designed a scrog that fits perfectly inside the unit and is being printed now. The Grobo has worked well after I got the initial kinks worked out (some shit came loose in shipping like the lights and whatnot). I think I’ve dodged a bullet with the pH sensor, as I didn’t calibrate it before my first run, but she appears to be doing well. I have the calibration solutions in hand and will do that before my next run.



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She switched to transition a couple days ago, and I just printed my scrog. Thoughts?


What’s the reason behind deleting this corner grid? Also, can I purchase one from you?!

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When I was designing it I was trying to figure out how to make it so that I could still get the hoses out, this allowed for that. I think if my plant was wide enough I could still pull a branch over there. I’ve got the original sketch so it could be modified, could do like an arc on that corner or something different. Here’s a top-down look

The downside, it cost a shit-ton to print. My printer wasn’t big enough to do these so I sent them off, two of them were 127 bucks :roll_eyes: Shoot me a PM, I’ll send you the files.


Awesome will do :facepunch: