Time to harvest part 2

Well here I am again but this Monday I should be going into ripen stage and my buds are small!! I looked at my old post and my plants were bigger as well. Wondering if I should give her another week before I go to ripen week? I’m just using the advanced nutrients in the flora series however, many people swear by big bud and others to help. So here are my pics and any advice would help.
BTW just so I understand this correctly, I can’t add advanced nutrients on top of other advanced nutrients right? It’s either one or the other.


Btw they are 2 wedding cake.
What nutrients do you guys use with best results?


I’m not exactly sure I understand the question? And what week of flower are you in? And have you grown this strain befor?

Hey Chris

I’ve never grown this strain before and I’m on week 7 of flower going on week 8 which is ripen week and I was just wondering if I should repeat this week or just add more time at end if needed. I was thinking if I add at end with no nutrients then I’m not helping out with nutrients to get big. But if I repeat a week at least I can give nutrients to grow bigger?

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You might want to try and defoliate a bit it’s Probky not enough light … also your tips are burnt might have to high an ec

Hey Chris I defoliated my plants and I just went to the ripen week 8 and they are looking good. If I need more time I’ll add it to end. What advanced nutrient brand do you use? What’s your opinion on flora series advanced nutrients?
Thanks for your help!

General hydroponics has long been a quality nutrient line . They are tried an true and most research facilities use them atleast the studies I have read … I’m not using advanced anymore but I used to use the connoisseur botttles … I have since moved onto dry nutrients as they cost less and stretch longer


Thanks Chris, appreciate all your help…

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Hey Chris here are a few pics, Monday I’m supposed to flush but I’m tempted to do one more week before flush.
I like taking pictures of my grow, sorry for the many pics. Just a new hobby! :sunglasses:

Btw I did quite a bit of defoliation like you said. I have a 650w led light as well.


That’s a nice happy looking canopy good job


Thank you

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