Third strain’s the charm! Big Bud grow

Today is day 1 of my 3rd try at growing a plant! Big Bud was planted 1/1/21.

Reservoir nice and clean, grobo temp wants to be warmer (tonight 80 with 2 fans inside and 1 outside) in other room while res likes to stay cooler (a perfect 70 right now). Go figure, lol.

I’m sure the extra warmth in there will be good for germination at any rate. Good for now! There’s a full foot clearance all around the stand my grobo on, but a small turn around the corner before you see her when you walk in the room. This particular location in the room might be causing the major temp changes between res and unit and also there’s a 10% difference in rh in room vs unit, 40s in room, 30ish inside grobo.

I cut off a small piece (twice as much as intended, oops! Aiming for the “line”, damned bulky scissors) of the bottom of my coco pod before soaking it in distilled water spiked with hydroguard.

Planted big bud from ILGM, to recap, 1st try made it roughly 3w (chocolope, didn’t live past germination), 2nd, amnesia haze didn’t make it past late veg but hung in for close to 11w.

Anyway, chose sensi recipe instead of generic. I know I’m supposed to choose generic since it’s not the right beer but being the correct strain doesn’t it seem like the recipe would be a lot more spot on than generic?? :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yay! Let’s go! I really hope this one grows wonderfully for you!

Super close to a Full Moon which I have been reading is a great time to sow your seeds. Not sure if you saw on my other post but I realized that both of my plants were planted on a Full Moon by pure coincidence!

I would be careful with choosing the wrong recipe though, don’t wanna set yourself up for failure in that means. I think the specific recipes are based on the specific breeders for a reason. Big Bud from Sensi is an old school strain that has lots of research done on it as far as I know, no way of knowing your genetics are true to that and it may be a completlely different feminized phenotype that grows differently? Not sure though.


Oh very cool about the full moon!

I completely understand that theory but then again, won’t it be somewhat closer than “generic”?

Less than 24 hours and I am rewarded!! That full moon theory might just hold water!!


Awesome! Quick start!

OH, and for the recipe… well I really couldn’t tell you the exact answer; all I know is that from what I’ve gathered on the forums it has always been recommended to either pick the specific recipe by the breeder or go with generic. But now that I’m typing this I have read a couple of examples of people picking something similar, sometimes not even the same exact strain, and having success as far as I remember?

Might have to ask support to get a solid answer. Obviously right now in germination it affects very little regardless.


Good luck on your grow!


Images from last night and this morning. I moved my pod up around 7pm last night as it was getting quite saturated. I wasn’t sure about this at first because since I cut more than intended off of the bottom, having the top at the sweet spot puts the bottom level with the bottom of the lid. At 11pm the pod felt perfect!
This morning, it’s already very wet again. I really didn’t want to have to remove the solo cup yet in favor of fans • right now fans are just to keep temps down. Thoughts? Thanks!
Last night

This morning


Looks good! Fast little grower she is… Feelin good about this one for you.

The pod probably won’t dry out too much with the cup over it… but raising the level probably helps it not get so wet from underneath. Have no experience using a dome of any sort but I never really thought about the fact it would keep the airflow down on the top of the pod which would possibly mean a wetter environment overall.

Seems like a half and half situation, half good and half risky at the same time when I think about it.


My thinking is get a tap root in the water and then start drying
I should’ve taken a pic of the underneath. The coco is FLUSH with the underside and still dripping. At ll last night,I was so excited that the pod felt like a moist sponge and not a wringing wet towel that just fell into a tub or pool, you know?


Good call. Yeah it’s a great feeling. Starting the pod up higher definitely helps once you hit Early Veg and medium fill level / taproot is down in the water… Pod will start drying out then instead of staying soggy forever.

I noticed a big change from Grow #1 to Grow #2 with pod up higher

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Elektra is a week old and has had her first water change and nutrient dosage!

Name details

So every time I think or say I’m going to check on Big Bud out see how Big Bud’s doing, I start hearing Big Gun by AC/DC playing in my head. Not knowing much about guns I thought I’d better pick an electric name for her then, for the band, even though she’s an indica. :joy: Hoping she will kick the hell outta me! :wink: Long story, I know, that’s why I hid it, lol. Not a bad song to have stuck in your head, motivating actually, but had to name her!

So I’ve got pics from Tuesday when I talked to @Dani :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to calibrate my EC probe and I was impressed with my tap root then. Holy rot growth in 3 days! From then to yesterday look how long it’s gotten and all the healthy little rootlets it’s sprouted!!! :blush::muscle::heart::clap::clap:




Lookin’ great @Angiebaby ! Good to see!!! Aggressive root system there :slight_smile:

Elektra is a cute one


Good luck Angie! Hopefully 3rd time will be successful with no damping off, etc. Fingers crossed! :herb: :crossed_fingers: