Tent build ((white widow left (harvested), wedding gelato right (harvested))

And cool to keep in black light tank setup too!

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This machine is the dream guys, set it and forget it. It dries, cures and holds. I have 5 oz curing right now for about a month. Will be ready by mid-July. The buds I pull from this are packed full of terps and the buds stick to any bags you put them in. The smell stays amazing and the process couldn’t be easier, seriously worth the money, no lie.


Placed my “pre-order” today so I should be getting it by september/october :crossed_fingers:


Did you change any of the presets when you did yours?
I did a 7 day dry and then 21 days.

Also, did you hang yours for a day to dry before or do you put your budd in wet? I was reading the pro tips and they suggest a dry hang first. I’m asking as I was deciding what to do with the next batch going in very soon.

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In hindsight

Would you buy that before expanding to a 2nd tent? That costs as much as a new setup but would eliminate the entire “drying process” which imo is wasteful, this does it in an amazing manner.

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I do a wet trim, take off all the fan leaves and some of the huge sugar leaves, then hang the entire plant for 24 hours. My first time I dried for 7 days, then cured for 21 days. I tried the buds and was blown away how sticky the buds were and the flavor was pretty good. I decided to cure for another week and was glad I did, the bud got smoother and the flavor really started to pop. I had to pull those buds out at 30 days of cure and am happy with results but if I had more time I would have pushed it closer to 45 days.

I didn’t plan out my grow timing well but have fixed that since so I have a solid 2 months in between harvests so I plan on using all 60+ days for drying/curing. I have that bud in mason jars now with b packs and they are still sticky and tasty months and months later.

I now weigh the shelves periodically and adjust the dry cycle time accordingly.


I have a friend who supplies dispensaries with his grows and when I showed him this thing he literally wept, wish I was lying but it’s true. He said that he has lost/ruined some of the best grows due to drying/curing problems and issues. He now owns two of the boxes.

So to answer your question, yes I would have prioritized the box over the expansion to the second tent. I am a critical consumer and this thing so far has delivered. I live close to where it’s made in Vermont so I like the idea that I can show up at their front door if it needs repairs. :wink::+1:t2:


The perks in that I know I’ll be going down that road soon as well too just like everything I’ve been hearing about it especially not having to worry about it is the biggest perk for me how pressed for time :alarm_clock: I be :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Thanks for that info. Good stuff.
Can’t wait to get the next batch in there.


What in the sorcery is this … :star_struck:

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My two lollipop autos in the Start.


That’s pretty dam cool


3 months=3 grams :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Well, I leave town on Monday for a well deserved vacation for the week. Heading out of state to meet up with some family. Got a buddy of mine staying with the house, the dog and the girls. He’s helped me with every harvest I’ve had and has always enjoyed being in the loop with the progress of the girls. However… the last picture he saw of them was this

and when I asked if he wanted to be updated, he replied with “nope, I want shock and awe when I stay at the house.” Well, shock and awe is exactly what he’s gonna get! Done with week 5 of flower tomorrow and here they are. Not a ton of trich development yet but the colas on the right are beauties…my best grow yet and they’ll only continue to get better!

Oh, and per his request, here’s my 3 day old Super Lemon Haze. This is 3 days from being put in a glass of water…I’m kinda scared lol.


Enjoy the trip. :+1:

Did you add any Carbs / Sugar’s in the mix?

Lowering the Rh last 2 to 3 towards the end of the flowering stage triggers a natural plant response that can make buds more dense as well as increase resin production


No I have not. Is it too late to be helpful? If not, any recommendations on which?


I’m sorry but I feel it’s a bit late for full results but it wouldn’t hurt to try to add some… This is a must in my book in flower

I use this at this time

I believe Todd is using molasses

Before I was using Bud Candy



Never used any sugars or carbs in previous grows, but this is why we do what we do…to learn. I’ll try adding as i’ve seen that it’s used all the way through flower so it’s worth a shot. I’ll make sure they’re used fully through flower on the next grow. As always, thanks for the info @Mpower11!


I highly recommend it for your next grow

This is my grow right now today is Day 1 week 5

Resin Is out like crazy buds are super sticky and smell amazing I feel the Brix helped with this


I’m getting some Humbolts Secret Sweet and Sticky today. Doing my res change tomorrow so i’ll add it then. Already asked my buddy to send me morning and evening EC, PH and water temp readings so i’m a little more at ease with adding this right before I leave town. I’d hate to get a text or call late in the week of “Ummmm, the plants don’t look good at all” because of high EC or high/low PH. So nice to have someone I can count on when I leave town. Then again, he always gets a healthy portion of what I grow so it’s in his best interests for them to thrive :rofl: