Tent build ((white widow left (harvested), wedding gelato right (harvested))

Also I wouldn’t PH your flush water… No point wasting your time / product…

Remember your water has no nutes so nothing to lockout on the plant


I don’t Ph the flush water, though i will be using Flawless Finish. I’m gonna try the blue light after the 1st week of flush, though i have nothing to compare it to whether it makes a diff or not. Also thought about drilling the main stalk 3-4 days before harvest but maybe i’ll save that for another grow.


sounds good…

I have no first hand info to share on blue light or drilling the main stalk… If you do it let me know your thoughts on how it went


Started flush today with Flawless Finish. Also started the blue light i read about and will doing that for a week. Then 72hrs darkness and should be harvesting next Saturday. Unfortunately, somewhere along my vacay I picked up the Rona! it’s been a little over a week and as of the last 3-4 days my sense of smell is toast so I can’t even smell them :sob:.


That’s horrible hope you feel better soon


Thanks man, it’s not all that bad. I felt like death the first two days but since then it’s just been a stuffy nose that won’t go away. I could smell and taste when it first started but that’s probably gotta be the worst part of this whole thing, can’t smell the girls and can’t taste food or drink!


Well, taste and smell finally returning…slowly. As I came home today I got hit with a faint whiff of my babies. My buddy and I are looking forward to cutting these girls down. going to take extra special care of the plant on the right as the bag appeal should be much better than the left plant.


Anyone ever drop water temps during final days of flush? I’ve heard a couple places it’s just another way to up the resin production of plants. My chiller will go pretty low so i’m curious. right now it’s set from 18-20C but i’m thinking about going from 10-13C these last few days. Thoughts???


What temperature should my reservoir water be?

Here’s the rule I use: If your grow room temperature is in a good range, then your reservoir temperature is also in a good range. You only really need to worry about your reservoir temperature if your grow room temperature is out of the acceptable range.

Many growers aim for their reservoir water to be between 60-68°F because cooler reservoir temps prevent some bad organisms from growing in the first place, and cool water can hold more dissolved oxygen in the 60-70°F range. However, cannabis can grow and thrive in much warmer reservoir temperatures as long as beneficial organisms are present to fight root rot. In fact, I personally have found that hydroponic plants tend to grow a little slower when their roots are cool, and grow fastest around 75°F (as long as you’re using a supplement with beneficial organisms to kill root rot).

Let us know if you do drop and how it goes. If it helps I am curious as my last 2 grows have ended overly hot because of the Heat dome around Canada and N.A. I do find the darkness for 48 hrs is beneficial. TBH I am surprised I didnt suffer root rot over that week.


I think the temp drop is supposed to work just like darkness, lower rh, and drilling the stalk. The plant thinks winter is coming or it’s dying so it pushes extra hard to finish flower and “drop seeds.” I’m a bit curious if the tent still being 85F but the water being 50-55F will make any difference.


Let us know how it goes. Everyone’s climate is just a bit different, so the more results we get the better!

Putting the plant under stress will definitely spike production. Are you drilling the stalk as well?


I haven’t decided. Stress from the darkness, plus colder water temps…I don’t want to go too crazy. Then again, can a plant hermie in 3-5 days??

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Regardless its genetic sensitivity, a marijuana plant can also become hermaphrodite by the influence of stress. When it feels that the flowering conditions are too hard, hermaphroditism is an effective and natural way to shorten this period, pollinating its female flowers with the pollen of a few male clusters (usually called “bananas”).

Stress, that highly increases the risk of hermaphroditism, may have several causes, such as:

  • Changes in the photoperiod, specially interruptions of the dark period during flowering
  • Too much heat (>27°C aproximately), wrong environmental conditions
  • Harvesting too late, when the grower misses the deadline for harvesting his/her plants
  • Mechanical stress: broken branches, damaged roots, pruning during flowering,…
  • Irrigation issues (lack or excess)
  • Over-fertilisation
  • Insects, mites, diseases…
  • Thermal stress (irrigating plants with cold water…)
  • Use of phytotoxic products (pesticides, fungicides…)

Listed as a stress factor. I am curious as to the results for sure now. For me to grow through the summer, I will eventually have to either install AC or a water chiller. I will post some photos of what heat damage did to my plant, environmentally ruined a good plant because the heat was outside of my control. The roots never quite caught root rot, but definitely not white


that one scares me now lol.

I think i’ll drill the stalk on one just in case it’s a negative effect, don’t want to lose everything.


Technically lights out kills them too (but could take up to a week).
I have only just started experimenting in stressing the plant for tweaks. Unfortunately I keep changing strains on testing and some are more receptive than others to manipulation. Some like my GG just want to be left alone.


I’m doing the same as far as strains never being the same…so no knowing if the experiment is beneficial or not :man_shrugging:


I have no first hand information with Cannabis and lower water temps but I can tell you that vegetable plants don’t respond well at all to water temps at 10 c we heat all our irrigation water to 16 min for our Veg crops.

Note: these vegetable crops are being grown in rockwall bags vs Dwc which I think would be more stress.

Let’s us know what you end up doing. I’m curious


Less than a week to go…I’m getting antsy!!! Lol


Some great looking colas @FireGuy

Crazy how many white pistols she has left for this late in the grow. Looks pretty solid too! I can only imagine your excitement!


The plant on the right seems to have way less white pistils than the left one, but they both look completely happy… Been checking trichomes every couple days and have decided to harvest this Saturday, they’ll both be ready. Gotta harvest on a weekend that I don’t have my kiddo. It actually works out to be exactly at 9 weeks flower lol.