Temp outside the Grobo

@vegetato Ok mate, thanks :pray:t2:

@vegetato She’s defo feeling better now, she’s got loads bigger over the last few days. You can see were I topped her and now she’s growing well. There is a bit of discolouration on some of the leaves but that was from when she was on death bed before. Not sure if the roots look to good though, what you think? There are a lot more roots now.


Hey @TheBeardOfGold,

Nice recovery, thanks to our champion @vegetato! Great guide on treating early root rot, I may want to bookmark this post or something.

Plant is looking nice and healthy now, keep on keeping on.

PS - We are working on getting more stuff to our EU friends across the pond. Will take a couple more months, but will get there.



Looking much better up top! Down below it’s hard to say since GW makes a mess too, but there isn’t much of the “really dark stuff” left so I’d think it’s looking better. Edit: just re-reviewed pics, there are a lot more roots.

Another thing you can do to help her along is to drain/fill with 50/50 room temp & fridge temp water. In my case, my room temp is around 72°F and fridge temp around 55°F – when I mix a gallon of each together they land around 64°F. Doing this when you do a drain+fill (using colder water to fill with) should help the plant to get through this easier. I should’ve mentioned this sooner, sorry! (This is what I do when drain/fill by the way.)


Hi @Stephen,

Yeah @vegetato has been very helpful indeed. He’s coached me well I’d say. You could maybe edit the post in a way to use as a guide maybe :thinking:

Just so you know I’m from England, saying Europe is like me saying Canada :canada: is USA :us:. The no go zone :joy::rofl::joy:


@vegetato Hi mate, does that look like something is eating my leave? Or could it be damage from all the bad look I’ve had?

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If you see new ones appearing daily in places they weren’t before, it could be bugs - or it might’ve just been one visiting one day that isn’t there any more. Taking pics from same vantage point and comparing the leaves when they were smaller vs when they are bigger will show if it was there in the past and just got bigger or if it’s new.

Another cause of that is when a leaf is damaged when it’s younger/softer and then the smaller blemish grows out to be a larger blemish. That’s usually all it is when I notice those. Most times it is caused by leaves scraping against other leaves/stems or a slip of the pruning sheers or something like that.


@vegetato Cool, I’ll keep an eye out over the next couple of the days then.

Hi @vegetato, I’ve actually received my Hydroguard now. Shall I put it in my next water change instead of great white?

You could switch or just use both. Gw has some extra things in it that hydroguard doesn’t, but hydroguard is already liquid and mixes in better.

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@vegetato, so just put both in them? How much Hydroguard should I put in please?

About 5mL is the recommended dose (2mL per gallon) for our reservoir, but I’ve found better success using 10-15mL (upwards of 20-25mL at times).

The label states to use it within 6 months of opening (or ~24 water changes) so depending on the size of the bottle you purchased you might just want to do some simple division like this:

  • 250mL bottle size / 10mL dose = lasts 25 water changes,
    • meaning it probably won’t last longer than 6 months, so not much will “go bad”
  • if you purchased a larger bottle I’d dose 15-20mL each time personally

Cheers @vegetato , I’ve got the 3.78Litre one.

In that case you’ll want to keep the bottle in a cool dark place to try to preserve it as long as possible.

I’ve found the effectiveness does start to drop off after around the 6 month mark and I’ve read reports from others online who observed a similar result with older bottles (I was using a 10 month old bottle and it wasn’t working so I went searching).

When that happens it can be offset by just adding a bit more, though, to up the concentration. You may need to double that dose in 6 months or just buy a new bottle (fyi).

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Sound, I’ve put 20ml of Hydroguard in and added GW too. She’s looking a bit better and bigger now but hopefully starts to grow a lot more now I’ve got Hydroguard.

This is what she looks like now:


@vegetato Can’t believe the difference a day with Hydroguard has made.


I wouldn’t attribute that solely to the hydroguard. She’s been picking up the pace day by day yeah? If anything it’s been helping to keep that on track.

The great white takes a while to kick in but when it does it really does!

Edit: how are the roots looking now? Noticed the temp is 25°C in the pic.

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Yeah she’s been picking up slowly to be fair but had a right boost since yesterday. Been about a week since GW been going in so with what you’ve said I reckon next few days I should see a big change then.

A lot more roots now and they are a lot thicker. It’s normally 26 degrees in there. I’ll send you a pic of the roots tomorrow so you can see if that cool?

Yeah if you didn’t snap a pic don’t disturb her just for me! When you do take a peek it’s a good idea to snap a pic for comparison vs last time.

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Hi @vegetato, the roots look like this now.

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