Sweet Trainwreck and Trainwreck the same?

is Sweet Trainwreck and Trainwreck the same, because I have Sweet Trainwreck but there is only Trainwreck list on grobo receipt

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Go generic


Have not heard of that strain @Jason_Tee. Obviously have experience with Trainwreck however what did they hit it with to add the sweet? Sweet Tooth? Also, who is the breeder?

Maybe the guy write it wrong because this sweet train wreck is auto so I just try train wreck in grobo liat

Where did you order your seeds from? I would choose Generic Hybrid to err on the side of safety.

Iā€™m getting from someone, is not from seed bank

Please recommend some seed bank link

Neptune Seed Bank
Speakeasy Seed Bank
Heritage Mutual Seed Bank
Insane Seeds
Real Rocky Mountain High 719