Hi Grobo team!

I’ve been lurking for sometime and since my unit is approaching delivery date I’ve got some questions regarding the nutrients and PH balancing products the Grobo uses.

Question #1
Assuming we use distilled water from the start do the supplied bottles complete one or more complete grows?

Question #2
Today the online store shows all replacement bottles out of stock, on Friday only a couple of types were out of stock. Is there going to be a supply issue going forward as more units are out there?

Question #3
I seen you had a subscription based plan for replacements bottles at a reduced price (25%). Did i lose track of where that is on the site or was that removed?



Hi Glenn,

All great questions. Thanks for bringing them up.

Answer #1
If using distilled or Reverse Osmosis water then your nutrients bottles should last you atleast one grow, sometimes longer.

Answer #2
This was a technical error on our site that we have fixed now. We have plenty of nutrient bottle supplies. Thank you very much for bringing that issue to our attention.

Answer #3
Instead of doing this plan we simply just reduced the price of each of the bottles. It’s still as cheap as the old subscription plan but now you can buy the bottles individually. This makes it easier in case you need more of one bottle over the other.