Supplemental Nutrients?

I see a lot of folks use HydroGaurd with the Grobo. I added that to my regiment. Any other supplemental nutes that improve the Grobo grows?


This is definitely a matter of opinion, and I’m not sure about the warranty when adding nutes that are not grobo’s. With that being said, I use hydroguard, bud candy, voodoo juice and I’m adding overdrive this round. Alot of people use alot of different stuff. I don’t think any of it is necessary except for the hydroguard if you have water temps about 68-70. All the others are optional in my opinion but could help with yield.


Nicely said zacuriah I concur! :eyes::seedling:


How much voodoo juice do you use in your Grobo?

I mix 2.5 gallons of nute water and it uses almost all of it. I always top off the res to the high water level. That comes out to be 2ml per liter of voodoo juice or about 7ml per gallon.


Thank you!