Sucker punch auto - when to start flush?

So, so hard to answer unless someone has extensive experience with your particular strain. This is the hardest part for me…timing flush & harvest. On my current grow…a tent white widow auto…I started the flush when I saw 90% cloudy…that was 3 weeks ago…I am still at 90% cloudy but now 10% amber. I want 30-50% amber so I obviously started my flush too early with this particular strain. Lessons learned.

I have not harvested…I am still waiting for that 30-50% amber sweet spot.


She looks like about a week away. Then at least the 10 days flush, more if you need to finish her off. Great looking haul


thanks @DeeDub!

That explanation helps a lot. It was exactly what I thinking. I almost panicked and started flush today. Im glad I asked, before I did anything.


Thanks @Todd.grobo, I thought I missed my window for the last stage of flower.

I want to try adding overdrive to help put on more weight. :slight_smile:


Hi.holy cow ! Can you share what you did on this grow and did you leave door open and add a light ? @kingppin thanks . This is what I strive to have lol



yes, I am growing with the door open with additional lights.

Since I have two grobos, I use a backdrop stand to support the lights.

Julius Studio Premium Photo & Video 10 ft. Wide Backdrop Stand

They are plugged into smart plugs, so the lights turn off when the grobo lights do.

The lights are SPIDER FARMER SF-1000.

I use the full line of advance nutrients, but didn’t start them or the lights until the transition phase with this one. I know its expensive, but for me its worth the investment. I can see a definite improvement.

[Voodoo Juice]-help build stronger roots(use with Piranha, and Tarantula)
[Big Bud]-help produce bigger buds
[B-52]-helps build strong stems and increase metabolism
[Overdrive]-help increase harvest with adding more weight during late bloom phase
[Piranha]-Beneficial Fungi for root absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water
[Bud Candy]-help with taste, aroma and potency
[Flawless Finish]-help flush the plant
[Nirvana]-increase resin production
[Sensizym]-enzyme formula that breaks down dead material from your root zone
[Bud Ignitor]-produce more colos
[Rhino Skin]-silica that helps with resistance to mold, mildew, and heat
[Tarantula] microbes that decompose organic matter into food


@kingppin .By the look its worth it I’ll be ordering those nutrients thanks for you help .I also have twp grobo side by side too that’s awesome .


@kingppin so do you add all them at the same time with water change? Thanks :blush::pray:

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@Christifer, I do a normal water change and let bottles 3,4,5 dose. Then I wait for bottles 1,2 to adjust the pH. I usually give it about an hour to let the water aerate before I add any additional nutrients.

I use advancednutrients nutrient-calculator to help me with dosing. Yes, I do add them all at the same time.

For some reason, I cant post the link. But, it’s easy to find from the main website.

So far, adding everything according to the dosing calculator doesn’t raise the ppm enough to cause any problems.

As for the lights, this is a good rule of thumb, but I wouldn’t go above 600 micromoles/m2/s until flower stage:

To Maximize growth, we suggest ordering an inexpensive Par Meter and/or use this guide:

Bottom threshold for optimal growth and photosynthesis is a DLI of 22:
24/0 schedule: 254.6 micromoles/m2/s-1
18/6 schedule: 339.5 micromoles/m2/s-1
12/12 schedule: 509.25 micromoles/m2/s-1

The Top threshold for optimal growth and photosynthesis is a DLI of 65 moles per day.
***Extremely important notice, only go up to these amounts if you are using supplemental CO2, do not go this high if you are not using supplemental CO2 as you will actually slow down photosynthesis and waste energy.
24/0 schedule: 752.31 micromoles/m2/s-1
18/6 schedule: 1003.08 micromoles/m2/s-1
12/12 schedule: 1504.6 micromoles/m2/s-1

The generally accepted guidelines for artificial light PPFD in flowering during 12/12:
PPFD of at least 510 micromoles/m2/s-1 for the low end of optimal intensity
PPFD of at least 800-1100 micromoles/m2/s-1 for optimal lighting WITHOUT additional CO2.
PPFD of at least 800-1500 micromoles/m2/s-1 for optimal lighting WITH additional CO2.


@kingppin wow that was easy .i found that advanced nutrients calculator. Just put in the nutrients and reservoir size and that give you the amount.that’s cool thank you . Last question if you don’t mind .what nutrients do I add per grow stage ? I don’t use big bud in the beginning right? Thanks for you time .

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The calculator should have this info, so you can double check what I have below to make sure its correct.

Add during the first 2 weeks of veg(or growth) stage
[Voodoo Juice]

From 3rd week of veg to 1st week of flower
[B-52] (its important that you stop using during 1st week of flower, otherwise you can stunt the plant)

During 1st and 2nd weeks of flower
[Voodoo Juice]
[Bud Candy]
[Rhino Skin]
[Bud Ignitor]

Start [Big Bud] during the 2nd week of flower

During the 3rd and 4th week of flower
[Big Bud]
[Rhino Skin]
[Bud Candy]

During the 5th and 6th week of flower
Same as 3&4 weeks, but stop using [BigBud] and replace with [Overdrive]

Week 7 of flower
Only use [Flawless Finish]

Week 8 of flower

Bud Factor X has been banned in the US for the time being, but you can find it on amazon. It is super expensive. I’m experimenting with it for my current grow with the same strain to see if I can tell the difference. But so far, I don’t see any benefit over bud candy.

Hope this helps,


What does the full works listed above run ya $$$ wise for that lot? $600-900?


I bought everything piece meal, because I didnt know what I needed at the time. So I dont know exactly how much it cost.

But excluding the bud factor x, I would say everything was under $700.

I bought 1 liter of each bottle.

The heavy used bottles like Rhino Skin and Sensizym will use about 180ml per grow.

Nirvana, Bud Candy, B-52 will be round 135ml per grow.

So I will have to replace them after a year and a half or so. The other bottles can last easily 2years+

So from a yearly expense standpoint, I would think it would cost me less than $300/yr

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Wow .its way cheaper at the hydroponic shops if your in legal state . Bad side for me is some of advanced nutrients are banned in oregon. Amazon is forsure ripping people off on those prices

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Bud candy is banned in oregon so im using Carbo load thanks for you time only thing now is to fid out the water levels in gallons in early veg and late leg so I know how much of nutrients to use. @kingppin


Do you know why they are banned? Is there legistration that can be referenced for potential petition to overturn? I am not in Oregon but interested as I keep track of MJ laws in my state.

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As the product Advanced Nutrients, Bud Factor X Intense Resin Production is considered both mistabeled and adulterated, distribution of this product is prohibited in Oregon under ORS 634.372 (15 & 16).Aug 24, 2017 as well as bud candy and voodoo juice. @DeeDub

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Thx for info…now I have some research work to do… :slight_smile:


Hi grower .so Is transition the same as flower ? Is that when I add the fist week of flower stage nutrients? Thanks my first grows @kingppin

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@Christifer, Im on my 2nd grow. I’m by no means an expert. So, I would defer to the pros on this forum.

But, how I’ve been doing it so far, is I consider transition like pre-flower. When I start to see pistils growing on a few of the colos, then I consider it the first week of flower.