Substitute for Grobo Nutrients Bottles

We are living in a country where it is almost quite impossible to clear Grobo Nutrients. We have to find substitutes of these 5 boxes otherwise we would not able to use our Grobo :frowning: after finishing the ones it comes with Grobo.

Is there any idea?



Bottle 1 and 2 is easy it’s just ph up and ph down.

Bottle 3,4,5 is going to be hard to dose but if I was in your shoes I would do this.

Do a drain / fill

Manual add your cal/mag first then add your base nutes of choice and let Grobo adjust the ph for you.

I know this is not the answer your looking for 100% but it’s the only way I think you can do it unless support will to direct you with a substitution. But I don’t think that will happen


He is right… worked for me

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Breakdown you can figure out, just getting the % right that Grobo doses in, is the question.

1/2 ph up/down, 3 is Cal/Mag, 4 is for flowering and 5 is the grow phase on the older bottles. You can swap out 4 and 5 with AN Grow and Bloom I think, just need to figure out how much to dilute them, as it is not 1-1.

The new bottles might have changed up and cal/mag might be 5 now called balanced and flower/grow might now be 3 and 4.

FWIW, I save all the empty Grobo bottles in case I want to try something.

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Bottle 5 has always been Cal/Mag for as long as I been around here

This is the run down


One of the Grobo videos showed this, 3 as cal/mag way back. I think this is also before they changed the labels on the bottles.


Never seen that image before


I watch a lot on YT, this might have been in one of the older videos.

I also noticed these bottles install “upside down”. :grinning: Maybe an old test unit??? @Todd.grobo @Stephen

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Hey @TheDogMan,

What a blast from the past! These never made it out of development.